Risha Field to get free zone, more gas plants

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Gas extraction facility. (Photo: Envato Elements)

AMMAN — The Amman Chamber of Industry will work jointly with the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources on a major national project that will see the establishment of an industrial zone which will export gas from Risha Field, said Nael Al-Hussami, a general-manager for the Amman Chamber of Industry.اضافة اعلان

In comments to Al-Mamlaka TV, Hussami said the zone will be similar to others across Jordan, such as those in Sahab city, Al-Muwaqqar, and Al-Qastal.

Husami said the project is likely to have a “promising future”.

According to data by the Ministry of Energy, the rate of natural gas consumption in industries stood at 24 million cubic feet per day in 2021. Gas production in Risha Field reached 6.5 billion cubic feet in 2021, at a daily rate of 17.8 million cubic feet, a 20 percent increase from 2020.

The ministry contemplated to raise the production capacity from the Risha Field to 32 million cubic feet per day.

Hussami said he believed that the figures are promising, because energy is the primary input in the industry, and without cheap energy the industry will not be able to compete.

“It is now understood that the field’s capacity is not only 30 million, but it can be increased to 50 million, but it all depends on the demand,” Hussami said.

“The government is currently in the process of encouraging the use of Risha gas and has set an appropriate price, which will attract a lot of investment there,” he added.

In a separate report, Al-Mamlaka TV quoted the National Petroleum Company (NPC) as saying that it referred a tender to increase the production capacity in Risha Field to three local firms, which will build liquefying plants which will transport gas in designated tanks for distribution to different sectors.

The NPC’s hea,d Mohammad Al-Khasawneh, said the three companies will invest up to $200 million in the construction of gas plants, transportation fleet, as well as in the distribution and storage stations.

He said that the operating capacity of all three firms will reach 50 percent in the first year, totaling up to 24 million cubic feet per day for all three, or approximately 8 million cubic feet per each company.

Khasawneh noted that the total capacity of the three firms will rise to 40 million cubic feet the first year.

He said that the NPC will be selling gas to investment companies at discretionary prices to ensure its delivery to local industries at reduced prices.

He said his firm is currently increasing the number of wells drilled annually by contracting service companies to increase the production capacity from Risha Field. NPC is currently drilling 4 wells per year, and service companies will be digging 7 wells in the first year, and up to 10 wells in the following years, he added.

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