Rights group criticizes Pharmacy One

In an undated image, protesters stand in front of Pharmacy One (Photo: JNews)
AMMAN — ImpACT International for Human Rights Policies has criticized Pharmacy One for “violating employees’ basic rights by depriving them of their salaries for months.”اضافة اعلان

According to the organization in a statement issued Sunday, Pharmacy One management practised “some forms of pressure such as transferring employees to distant branches to pressuring them into submitting requests for unpaid leaves or even resignations.”

A group of Pharmacy One employees picketed the company’s administration main building last week, to demand their salaries which had gone unpaid for six months.

The sit-in ended when the company’s administration held a meeting with the employees’ representatives, in the presence of the company’s lawyers, accompanied by officials from the Public Security Directorate and the Ministry of Labor.

Pharmacy One, the largest pharmacy chain in Jordan, agreed to pay two months worth of salaries within 14 days.

“The company repeatedly promised to pay our salaries going back to October. My situation got worse and I was forced to sell my car, and I got a divorce because I was unable to provide for my household,” Saqer Kamel, one of the protesters said.

“The management of Pharmacy One has recorded the names of the employees who have protested and I expect they will push them to resign,” a protester, who preferred to remain unnamed, told Jordan News.

The acting director-general of the company, Saad Odeh, has told Jordan News on Wednesday that the company has nothing to add and that measures to pay salaries will be taken within 14 days.

According to Pharmacy One website, the company introduced the first and largest chain of pharmacies, with 104 branches located all over the country. However, Odeh pointed that 24 branches have closed their doors so far.