Public Security Directorate announces traffic detours for Royal Wedding

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AMMAN — The Public Security Directorate (PSD) revealed the traffic detours that will be implemented on Thursday to accommodate the Royal Wedding. اضافة اعلان
PSD has devised a comprehensive traffic plan aimed at organizing diversions, detours, and alternative routes for the day's events, local media outlets reported.

Facilitating movement and ensuring safetyAs part of the plan, traffic officers will be deployed throughout the Kingdom to facilitate the movement of citizens and residents as they head to celebratory events.

These officers will be responsible for directing parking and coordinating the use of free shuttle buses. Furthermore, special lanes will be secured for individuals who need to reach hospitals and health centers, ensuring their unimpeded access.

The traffic plan will be implemented starting at 3pm and will continue until 7pm. The designated route for the parade extends from the third circle through the eighth circle and Al-Shaab Roundabout, concluding at Al-Husseiniya Palace.

Areas of anticipated traffic jams and temporary closures
Motorists should anticipate traffic congestion and temporary closures in several areas during the Royal Wedding celebrations. These locations include Sweileh, the Dawriyyat traffic lights, Queen Rania Street, Sports City Roundabout, Al-Dakhiliya Roundabout, Jabal Amman, Umm Uthaina, Wadi Saqra, Mecca Street, Medina Street, Abdoun, Deir Ghbar, Sweifieh, Fuhais, and Al-Bayader (Wadi Al-Seer).

Designated Locations and free buses for parade followersThe traffic plan includes specific locations where vehicles can line up to follow the royal parade and join in the national celebrations.

Additionally, free shuttle buses will be provided to transport individuals who wish to reach the parade route.

PSD's detailed explanation of diversions and detoursPSD has issued a comprehensive explanation of the diversions and detours that will be in effect on the day of the Royal Wedding.

The following are the key points outlined in their instructions:Third Circle: Traffic towards the Fourth Circle will be closed, diverting it to Abdel Moneim Riyad Street (Downtown) and Al-Kroum Street towards Abdali.
Fourth Circle: Traffic from Prince Hashem Street (Abdoun) will be diverted into the tunnel towards Queen Noor Street (Al-Dakhiliya Roundabout). Traffic from Queen Noor Street (Al-Dakhiliya Roundabout) will be redirected through the tunnel (Abdoun Bridge).

Fifth Circle: Traffic from Abdoun (Al-Kindi Street) will be diverted through the tunnel towards Wadi Saqra. Similarly, traffic from Wadi Saqra will be directed through the tunnel towards Abdoun.

Sixth Circle: Traffic from Al-Sweifieh (Princess Alia Bint Al-Hussein Street) will be diverted through the tunnel towards Um Uthaina (King Faisal Street), and vice versa for traffic from King Faisal Street.

Seventh Circle: Traffic from Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah Street - Al-Haramain Roundabout (Kilo Roundabout) will be blocked and diverted to Al-Tabashir Street - Abdullah Ghosheh Street. Alternatively, a detour can be taken towards Al-Haramain Roundabout. Traffic from the Airport Road and Abdullah Ghosheh Street will be rerouted through the Seventh Circle Tunnel.

Eighth Circle: Traffic from the Al-Bayader area will be diverted towards Airport Road - Al-Nahda Intersection. Traffic from Al-Nahda Circle will be directed towards the Eighth Circle to Al-Sinaa Street or Queen Zein Street (Deir Ghbar).

Al-Shaab Roundabout: Traffic from Al-Shaab Street (Al-Salam Markets) will be redirected towards Radi Annab Street (Al-Jandawil - Al-Bayader). Traffic from Mecca Street will be diverted towards Al-Ayan Street (City Mall).

Medical City Roundabout: Traffic from the Khalda Tunnel will be diverted to the Khalda Roundabout and then directed towards Wasfi Al-Tal Street or Al-Hijaz Street. Traffic from Fuheis - Baccalaureate School traffic lights will be rerouted towards the Khalda Roundabout, Wasfi Al-Tal Street, or Sweileh. Additionally, traffic from Al-Nisr traffic lights - Al-Al-Bayt traffic lights will be redirected to Al-Hijaz Street.

Secondary Road Traffic: Vehicles entering the route of the Royal parade from secondary roads will be redirected and diverted to other main roads.

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