Port workers to go on open strike

aqaba leak gas
Jordanian forensics experts inspect the site of a toxic gas explosion in the Red Sea port of Aqaba on June 28, 2022. A chlorine gas explosion killed 13 people and injured more than 250, authorities said, when a tank that fell from a crane released a poisonous yellow cloud at Jordan's Aqaba port. (Photo: AFP)
AMMAN — The union committee of workers in the Aqaba Company for Ports Operation and Management announced its intention to carry out an open strike for workers in all port sites and departments, starting Wednesday, in protest against the lack of occupational health and safety conditions in the company, according to Khaberni news.اضافة اعلان

The head of the committee, Ahmed Al-Amayreh, said that the announcement came after the tragic incident that took place on Monday, which killed 13 people, including port workers, and injured more than 200 others due to gas inhalation.

Amayreh said, in a statement to the Jordanian Labor Observatory, that the strike will involve all 2,300 workers in the company who work in loading, unloading, and storage.

He said that the work environment in the company’s ports lacks the most basic conditions of occupational health and safety. He added that equipment and tools that the workers use are old, worn out, and unsafe. Amayreh claimed that the gas tank fell and ruptured because the cable carrying it was old and worn out.

He added out that the committee had called on the company’s management, the Aqaba Commission and the Ministry of Labor to renew tools and equipment and to provide protective gear for workers, but to no avail.

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