PSD received 6 million emergency calls in 2023

police PSD police car
(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN – On Tuesday, Director of Public Security Directorate (PSD), Major General Dr. Abeidallah Maaita Emphasized that the Operations and Control Directorate is the beating heart of the PSD, as it is the first responder to receive citizens’ reports around the clock on the unified emergency number (911). He explained that the emergency number received six million calls during the past year, resulting in two million reports.اضافة اعلان

Dr. Maaitah stressed the importance of maintaining the quality of work and building on what has been achieved in terms of excellence, continuing to expand qualitative projects, introducing modern technological systems, and improving the service provided to citizens and raising it, Hala reported.

He emphasized the keenness to provide the Operations and Control Directorate with all the human resources, equipment, technical systems, and technological techniques it needs to improve effective communication with members of society in various circumstances and conditions, ensuring a good response and immediate handling of incidents of all kinds.

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