Jordan's instant digital payments hit record high of JD19.2B in 2023

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AMMAN Jordan Payment and Clearing Systems Company, (JoPACC) reported that in 2023, Jordanians' payments through instant digital payment systems reached a new record level, totaling JD19.21 billion, marking a 46 percent increase from 2022, Al-Ghad reported.اضافة اعلان

According to JoPACC's quarterly payment systems report, the three instant payment systems used in Jordan saw an increase of JD6 billion during the compared periods, reaching a total of JD13.2 billion. This total value was distributed among three main instant payment systems used in Jordan. Approximately JD11.61 billion went through the ‘eFAWATEERcom’ system, about JD3.12 billion through the ‘JoMoPay’ mobile payment system, while payments through ‘Click’ payment system amounted to about JD4.48 billion.

Additionally, the report revealed that the total number of transactions conducted through the three instant payment systems also reached a historic level throughout 2023, amounting to approximately JD109.5 million transactions.

The report revealed that the 'Money Transfer' service dominated the largest share of values and payment transactions through the JoMoPay and Click systems. In contrast, government services were the most dominant in terms of payment values through eFAWATEERcom, and communication services were the most dominant in terms of the number of transactions through the system.

Regarding the number of users of the three systems until the end of last year 2023, the report mentioned that the eFAWATEERcom system boasted the largest user base, with approximately 4.1 million users. Additionally, the report indicated that the JoMoPay mobile payment system had approximately 2.2 million users by the end of 2023, while the Click system had approximately 1.2 million users by the same period.

At the household level, official survey results revealed that over 95 percent of Jordanian households own smartphones, and more than 92 percent of them have internet services available in their homes, utilizing various technologies. Additionally, the survey indicated that 90.5 percent of Jordanians aged five years and older use internet services regardless of place and time.

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