Over half of unemployed Jordanians lack high school diploma, says minister

unemployed Jordanians lack high school diploma
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AMMAN — Labor Minister Yousef Al-Shamali has revealed that more than half of the approximately 450,000 unemployed Jordanians do not have a high school diploma. He made the statement during the Communication Forum held by the Crown Prince Foundation on Saturday, in a session on Unemployment and the Informal Sector. اضافة اعلان

The minister added that this fact makes it difficult to absorb these individuals in the government sector, despite the cabinet's vision to employ one million men and women in the next 10 years as part of economic modernization.

Over-reliance on foreign workersShamali attributed the main cause of unemployment in Jordan to the over-reliance on foreign workers, particularly during the first years of the 21st century.

This period saw rapid economic growth, and there was a lack of suitable employment degrees to fill the demands of the labor markets.

The situation was further exacerbated by the closure of Jordan's borders to ensure that the Kingdom was not affected by the war in Syria and the Iraqi situation. The situation in the occupied Palestinian territories also contributed to the problem.

Shame culture dismissedShamali dismissed the notion of a shame culture among Jordanians, stating that it "has become a thing of the past". He emphasized the improvement of working conditions and wages of some jobs, such as home workers and women in the tourism and hotel sectors.

He pointed out that approximately 95 percent of workers in the tourism sector are Jordanians who have achieved remarkable success stories.

He also added that Jordanians have been integrated into national workers' jobs in municipalities and the Amman Municipality.

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