NPC evaluates proposals for drilling 10 wells to meet project demands

A undated photo of the risha Gas fieldRisha field
Risha gas field. (File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources has announced that the National Petroleum Company (NPC) is currently evaluating proposals from international drilling companies. The objective is to drill a total of 10 wells in the Risha area, utilizing a turnkey system. اضافة اعلان

According to Hala News, the primary goal behind this initiative is to enhance production in these wells to meet the demands of various projects.

The ministry has confirmed that significant efforts are being made to develop the infrastructure required for the conversion of natural gas in the Risha field.

Supporting the industry
The plan involves converting the gas into compressed form and transporting it to provide support to the industry. The National Petroleum Company has already signed an agreement for the sale of gas with several companies, including the Chlorine Company, the Jordan Gas Company, Uni Gas Company, and the Manaseer Company.

The ministry has also revealed that it is exploring the possibility of drilling two wells in the Hamzah oil field. Furthermore, the ministry has emphasized that production activities are currently ongoing in the field.

Security, affordability, sustainability, and local reliance
Aligned with the comprehensive energy sector strategy for the years 2020–2030, the ministry has set four key objectives.

These include ensuring energy supply security, providing energy at reasonable prices, promoting sustainability, and enhancing reliance on local energy sources.

The strategy outlined by the ministry also focuses on diversifying energy sources and forms, as well as increasing the contribution of local energy sources to the overall energy mix.

Notably, by the conclusion of 2022, the share of renewable energy in electricity generation had reached 27 percent, marking a substantial increase from the 1 percent figure recorded at the end of 2014.

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