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July 4 2022 4:13 PM ˚
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Maraqa resorting to German court after dismissal from DW

3. Farah Maraqa
Jordanian journalist Farah Maraqa.
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AMMAN — Jordanian journalist Farah Maraqa, who was fired from the German broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW) in December over accusations of anti-Semitism, is resorting, at this stage, to the German court to defend her right.اضافة اعلان

DW based its decision to dismiss Maraqa on content she had published even before being appointed, like tweets, old comments, reports, or news in which she referred to the practices of the Israeli occupation and its settlers.

Euro-Med Human Right Monitor said in a recent statement: “We are seriously concerned by Deutsche Welle’s decision to use as scapegoat and fire five journalists of Arab origin following a two-month biased investigation into allegations of anti-Semitism. We warn that such measures will only open the door wide to escalating what is tantamount to an anti-Arab purge in German media.”

According to Al-Jazeera website, Basil Al-Aridi, Murhaf Mahmoud, Maram Salem, Farah Maraqa, and Dawood Ibrahim were suspended early December last year and fired on February 7, the same day a two-month external inquiry was released. They said they were not given a chance to read the inquiry or contest its findings.

The five employees at the German international broadcaster — all Palestinian or Lebanese — were investigated after an article published by Suddeutche Zeitung last November “exposed” social media posts and articles they had written for outside publications that allegedly expressed anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli views.

Maraqa’s case drew the attention of many Jordanians, with journalists and human rights activists issuing a statement appealing to DW to “serve justice” to Maraqa and the other Arab employees.

In their statement, the journalists and activists urged DW to draw the line between “criticism of the Israeli government’s practices — as an occupying force under international laws — and anti-Semitism.”

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