Lawmakers unanimously demand expulsion of Israeli Ambassador

Premier tells House ‘We will consider it’

Lawmakers recite Quran verses for Palestinians killed in Israeli attacks
Lawmakers recite Quran verses in tribute of Palestinians killed in Israeli attacks on Monday, May 17, 2021. (Photo: Ameer Khalifeh/Jordan News)
AMMAN — All members of the Lower House on Monday unanimously signed a memorandum calling for severing diplomatic ties with Israel. Furthermore, a number of the MPs signed another memo to send a delegation from the Lower House to visit Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood. اضافة اعلان

During the six-hour session, 103 lawmakers took turns to condemn Israeli actions and support the “Palestinian struggle against injustice and apartheid”. 

MP Saleh Al-Armouti, during his speech, wondered why at a time when the “Israeli enemy reneged on all agreements with Jordan, the government remains keen on maintaining the embassy of the Zionist enemy in Amman. Our priority now is to expel the Israeli ambassador and to revoke the agreements between Jordan and Israel.” Referring to the 1994 peace treaty between Jordan and Israel, he said: “We have a one-sided peaceful relationship with Israel”.

“Why hasn’t Jordan built relations with Hamas? Hamas’s power is an extension of Jordan’s power”, he added. 

During the session, Armouti called on Prime Minister Bisher Al-Khsawneh to exercise his mandate, to take a firm and strong stand against the Israeli occupation and to support Hamas as a backup power for Jordan.

Head of the Palestine Parliamentary Committee, Muhammad Al-Dahrawi, said that everyone has the same position in regard of what is happening in Palestine. Dahrawi stressed the necessity of responding to the unanimous position of the deputies to expel the Israeli ambassador from Jordan. He also called for a “review of all agreements with Israel.”

Representative Safaa Al-Momani said that Jordan needs all Arabs to support its efforts, accusing the international community of “picking favorites with Israel.”   

MP Khair Abu Saileek said that the ongoing events in Palestine are the most important since the events of the year 1948 and 1967, adding that the Jordanian diplomacy has “grown weaker nowadays.”

Lawmaker Ahmed Sarahneh stated that Jordanians are unified regarding what is happening in Palestine.

“On all levels, we have the same position forward the Palestinian cause. Those who had gone to the borders are our sons and they acted spontaneously”, in reference to two Jordanian men arrested in Israel after crossing the border “with knives”.

The lawmaker added that “those who work in the security services are Jordanian and definitely have the same opinion and position.”  

House Speaker Abdel Monem Al-Oudat said that the presidency of the Lower House and the Palestine Parliamentary Committee had coordinated with their Palestinian counterparts a communication campaign set to include Arab and Islamic parliaments, in addition to several other international parliamentary groups in order to draw attention to the “danger of these developments to the lives and future of the Palestinian people and to the security and stability of the entire region.”

Oudat added that these efforts have seen important steps taken toward highlighting the crimes that are committed by the “Zionist entity”, and to focus on the legal and moral responsibility of the international community to end the Israeli practices in the occupied lands.

Foreign Minister Ayman Al-Safadi said at the session that Israel will not get have unless Palestine does, stressing that Israel's practices are immoral and that the occupation state is directly responsible for everything that has happened.

Safadi stressed that Jordan is constantly and closely following the developments in Palestine, adding that the Jordanian position is “constant and unalterable”. He said that Jordan’s stand, which was communicated to the Security Council during its Sunday meeting, is that "what is happening in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood is a war crime," in reference to an Israeli decision to forcibly evict Palestinians from their homes in the East Jerusalem neighborhood.

For his part, Khasawneh said in his remarks that Jordan has all legal and diplomatic options to support the Palestinians. Added that the Kingdom “will remain the defender of the rights of the Palestinian people, including their right to establish a Palestinian state within the pre-67 lines, with East Jerusalem as its capital. 

“We are all on the same boat … We are a nation that supports all Palestinians and we do not support a faction over another … We are a government working to solidify Jordan in order to be able to support Palestine … once we receive the memo to expel the Israeli Ambassador we will confer it along with the Lower House,” said the premier.  

At the beginning of the session, Oudat stressed the importance of Jerusalem and Palestine for Jordan, adding that the House is following the "barbaric" attacks by the occupation forces on Palestinians.

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