Jordanian influencer faces backlash over Palestine comments

Social Media
(Photo: Unsplash)
AMMAN — A Jordanian influencer with a significant presence on social media has faced backlash over her comments on the ongoing violence between Israelis and Palestinians. اضافة اعلان

Zain Karazon has over a million and a half followers on Instagram under the username “zoozkarazon”, where she mainly posts selfies, pictures of her outfits, and other lifestyle content. But a controversy erupted when she posted a video criticizing those advocating for Palestine on social media.

In a video posted to her Instagram story on Saturday, Karazon said that, “Palestine has been struggling for thousands of years. Why do we just want to create noise and chaos on social media? They are the ‘influencers.’ Not us.”

The content creator seemed to push back against those who urged her to use her platform to call attention to violence in Palestine. “Is our love for Palestine and the grief and hurt expressed by sharing a million posts and pictures every day? If I do that, would you applaud me for it? No. I’m not obligated to go out there, cry, and put on an act like many people have done,” she said, putting her hands on her face to mock cry.

Before her statement, some of her posts — such as a glamorous video of herself advertising for her own beauty shop — received comments suggesting that she refrains from addressing the issue, the most trending topic in Jordan for days, for fear of damaging her advertisements and viewership, which received hundreds of likes, while other users simply commented with pro-Palestinian hashtags in Arabic and English, such as #SaveSheikhJarrah.

As of May 8th, it seems that Karazon has disabled comments on her Instagram.

Karazon has not been entirely silent on the events in Jerusalem and Gaza. A week ago, she posted an infographic with the text #SaveSheikhJarrah and a few days later posted an image of Al-Aqsa mosque with the text “End the Occupation.”

Despite a request for comment, Jordan News was not able to reach Zain Karazon for this story.

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