Jordanians rally in the thousands in Jordan Valley

Two unidentified persons drive down to the Jordan Valley to take part in a massive rally their against the Israeli aggressions on Gaza and the rest of Palestine, wearing the red and black traditional 'smagh', in a show of unity between Palestinians and Jordanians. (Photo: Twitter/@L2_YA_SHAKER)

AMMAN — Thousands of Jordanians were rallying Friday morning near the border with Palestine in the Jordan Valley.

TV live footage on Al-Jazeera showed crowds chanting anti-Israel slogans and in support Palestinian resistance against the occupation.اضافة اعلان

There were no reports of any security measures to ban the demonstrations or arrests of participants.

A series of peaceful rallies were staged in different locations across the Kingdom  since the latest events started in the occupied lands without any friction with security forces or arrests. 

A hashtag on twitter topped trending topics Friday, urging people to "move to the borders".  

"Let all Jordanians head to the Jordanian-Palestinian borders so that the Palestinian would know that they are not alone," a tweet reads.