Jordanian heads to ‘Mars’ in search for work

(Photo: Filmmaker Mohamad Rukab)
AMMAN — Filmmaker Mohamad Rukab attracted audience’s attention through his creative videos that are express the state of youth in the Kingdom. اضافة اعلان

In his most recent video, he videoed himself on a trip to “Mars”, using a rocket with the aim of searching for job opportunities. He used cinematize deception techniques in the video to give a realistic impression of his imaginary trip to the planet. 

With a cinematic trick, he was able to accurately portray launch and ascent in space that took place from his rocket.

Laughter and challengesRegarding the motive of his production, Rukab told the Jordan News Agency, Petra, that the video is meant to not only make people laugh, but think about the state of youth and their challenges in seeking jobs, even as much as, transcending geographical borders to make their dreams come true.

The video, which has been shared on his Instagram page, @mr.rukab has received over 5,000 views since it has been posted with engagement in comments on his page.

One of his previous videos, posted on February 4, 2023 received 1.4 million views and plays on him eating “maqloubeh” over the Le Royal Hotel & Resort in Amman.

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