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Jordanian center exports defensive gear to 35 countries

(Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Director of the Jordanian Center for Design and Development, Brigadier Ayman Al-Batran, said that the recent smuggling attempt on the eastern borders, which was foiled by border guards was carried out by a drone loaded with drugs, and it was thwarted using radar equipment developed by Jordanians, Al-Ghad Daily reported.اضافة اعلان

In a press conference held on Monday Batran said that the center is an independent institution operating under the umbrella of the Jordanian Armed Forces—Arab Army. He added that the center is concerned with military industrialization for defensive purposes and transfers its technologies to the armed forces and security services. He said that the center exports its defense industries to 35 countries.

According to Batran, the center has developed defense industries specialized in the field of border protection, including armed unmanned aircraft, reconnaissance (drone) aircraft, and radars that take over drones used by smugglers.

The center focuses on drone technology, Batran said, adding that drones made there are fully Jordanian made, and are used in several countries. He added that the center aims to provide most of the needs of the armed forces for the next five years from its production.

The center is known for manufacturing various types of armored vehicles used in the work of the armed forces and security services.

Batran said the center employs about 2,000 experienced Jordanians, most of whom are members of the local community, while the percentage of women working in the center is about 8 percent.

The center also produces ammunition, personal weapons, helmets, vehicles, and military boots of all kinds, which are all subject to examination and evaluation before being approved.

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