Jordanian artists ask for official support for their field

مسرحية خضره وزعل
(Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — The head of the Jordanian Artists Syndicate, Hussein Al-Khatib, called on the concerned authorities to come up with a clear plan to support Jordanian artists and dramatic productions.اضافة اعلان

Khatib told Jordan News that the most prominent problem Jordanian actors are facing is not the lack of professional scenarios, “but the lack of support. We have hundreds of talented actors and art workers, however, they are not given the support they need to clearly show their hidden talents”.

“We should be given support through a drama council, for example, or a specific entity that should only be concerned with drama. The syndicate should also be a member of this council in order to discuss the problems that actors are facing, and to find drastic solutions that would contribute to boosting Jordanian talents and help the Jordanian drama production develop,” he added.

Jordanian actor Zuhair Nobani told Jordan News that the Jordanian artistic energies are great, and the components of the artistic movement are still present, “but we have an obstacle in the management of the artistic field and how to protect our talents and develop them”.

He added: “We have a wise leadership, distinguished human energies, as well as a distinguished geographical location, we only need good management. I place great blame on some media outlets for not supporting our talents; for, what we have is an untapped treasure.”

However, Nobani said that he is optimistic about the future, and that Jordan should be able to “present a good managing model, and we will succeed in all fields, including the artistic field”.

Suhair Fahed, a Jordanian actress, told Jordan News that workers in the Jordanian artistic community are burdened “because the Jordanian government still does not take art seriously”.

Jordanian artists deserve to be supported and hope that Jordanian drama will be able to compete with drama produced in other Arab countries in the coming years, Fahed added.

She added that the Jordanian artist is “demoralized in his homeland, but given all the support in other Arab countries, and this is unfair and illogical. The artist should be first and most importantly supported in his/her homeland. We have great talents that deserve to be supported and I believe that they have the required capabilities to compete with Arab stars”.

Rabih Zaiton, yet another Jordanian artist, told Jordan News that Khatib has been the head of the Jordanian Artists Syndicate for years now, but did not show full support for Jordanian artists.

“I do not want to blame him, but I believe that he should fight to support the artists, and to come up with solutions and develop plans, especially that Jordanian artists have all the elements needed to succeed and prove themselves in the field of Arab drama. We shall not forget that tens of Jordanian artists succeeded in having their names in the most important Arab series and among the most important Arab artists, too.”

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