Jordan takes part in regional rapid response team workshop

rapid response team workshop
AMMAN — Jordan took part last week in a four-day Rapid Response Team (RRT) Workshop, hosted by Global Health Development-Eastern Mediterranean Public Health Network (GHD|EMPHNET) in collaboration with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). اضافة اعلان

Along with 24 participants from 6 countries of the Eastern Mediterranean Region, including Afghanistan, Egypt, Iraq, Pakistan, and Sudan, Jordanian RRT managers attended the workshop, held in person for the first time for over a year, a statement from GHD said.

The workshop equipped RRT managers with the knowledge and tools necessary to establish, build, manage, deploy, and evaluate public health RRTs in their countries, according to the statement. It revolved around the rapid response teams, their management, and the cross-border response in the region.

“The importance of the RRT workshop comes within a sensitive time while the world is fighting COVID-19 pandemic.” GHD|EMPHNET executive director, Mohannad Al-Nsour, said.

“The workshop will give a better understanding of managing the pandemic, and other public health events, by using the right resources and tools. We understand that RRT received many workshops and trainings, but there’s a gap in coordination and communication, this workshop covered these gaps,” Nsour explained.

 Participants practiced the writing of Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to be completed, customized, and included in their emergency plan in case of disease outbreaks and other public health emergencies, according to the statement. These SOPs contain detailed description and key steps to enhance the deployment of the RRT in the region.

For his part, workforce capacity team leader at GHD|EMPHNET, Haitham Basheir, said: “Following this workshop, I expect that the participants will continue developing the SOPs for their national and subnational RRT management in their countries. Also, this workshop is expected to bring closer the RRTs, field epidemiology training program, and emergency operation center to work in better coordination.”

Global Health Development (GHD) is a regional initiative created to support countries in the Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMR) and to strengthen their health systems to respond to public health challenges and threats, according to the statement.

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