Jordan’s women: education leads, economic inequality persists

Teacher and school children in classroom
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AMMAN – On Wednesday, Secretary-General of the Jordanian National Commission for Women (JNCW) Maha Ali highlighted that women's economic involvement in Jordan is primarily centered in the education sector at a rate of 40 percent, with their participation in the health sector reaching 14.6 percent. Additionally, their engagement in financial and defense administration stands at 14 percent, while in the manufacturing sector, it is at 8 percent.اضافة اعلان

Regarding the employment rate of women in the education sector, she clarified that it has reached 59 percent of the total workforce. In the healthcare sector, this figure is at 50 percent. Meanwhile, it stands at 51.3 percent in organizations and institutions. In the financial and insurance sector, women's employment is at 33 percent, and in the communications and information technology sector, it is at 25.2 percent, media sources reported.

Wage disparity
Addressing the wage disparity between male and female workers in Jordan, Ali affirmed that this gap is a significant factor contributing to women's limited economic participation in the country. The wage gap is recorded at 13.2 percent in the public sector and 18 percent in the private sector, based on data from 2020-2021.

A decline in the UN index means revisiting legislations
She underscored that Jordan's decline to 145th place out of 153 countries in the UN index measuring women's participation underscores the need to revisit legislations governing women's employment. This is especially vital for creating a work environment that is conducive to women's needs.

Furthermore, Ali highlighted that the Ministerial Committee for Women's Empowerment is developing a legislative agenda. This strategy involves prioritizing legislative matters in different provinces, ultimately resulting in a comprehensive reference document for various legislations that require amendments. The aim is to foster an encouraging work environment for women.

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