Iraq opens investigation after major drug seizure at Jordan border

PSD drugs drug
(Photo: PSD)
AMMAN — The Iraqi General Customs Authority has opened an investigation and referred several people to the authorities following Jordan’s seizure of a large shipment of Captagon pills at the Iraqi-Jordanian border crossing on Sunday.اضافة اعلان

Jordan Customs Department cadres working at the Al-Karamah border crossing on Sunday confiscated 6 million Captagon pills — the equivalent of around 1,000kg — in what is believed to be one of the Kingdom’s largest drug seizures to date.

Khaberni reported that the Iraqi authorities, in response to the seizure, have suspended the director of customs in the Iraqi border town of Trebil, where the crossing is located, and referred him and six other employees to the authorities for investigation on charges of negligence at work.

A committee was also formed to investigate the incident, according to a decision issued by the assistant director-general of the Iraqi customs authority.

The decision also called for appropriate legal measures to be taken against the company responsible for the shipment.

A ‘professional’ jobThe pills had been smuggled inside a shipment of date paste within two refrigerated trucks.
As of 11pm on Monday, the Operations and Control Directorate had received 17,000 calls and reports from citizens.
 "A close inspection of two trucks carrying foreign plates coming from a neighboring country revealed the Captagon pills professionally concealed inside the date paste within a shipment of date cartons," the Jordan Customs Department said in a statement. 

Captagon, an amphetamine stimulant, is addictive and can cause severe health and psychological problems that may end in death. It is prohibited internationally but has a large illegal market in the Middle East.

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