IARC finds that sweeteners containing aspartame could be cancerous

Aspartame, artificial food sweetener (Photo: Shutterstock)
AMMAN International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), a part of the World Health Organization (WHO), has classified aspartame as a possible carcinogen in Group 2B. However, it is considered safe when used in the recommended daily quantities.اضافة اعلان

Meanwhile, Jordan Food and Drug Administration has recommended avoiding excessive use of food products containing aspartame. JFDA recommends people adhere to the allowed daily intake, which ranges from 0 to 40 milligrams per kilogram of body weight, Ammon News, reported.

What is aspartame?
Aspartame is a food additive used as a flavor enhancer and artificial sweetener in various products, and is produced by combining two amino acids, aspartic acid, and phenylalanine.

Dr. Nizar Mahmoud Mhaidat, the Director-General of JFDA Administration, emphasized that its use is permitted according to the applicable legislation and the Codex Alimentarius Food Code. He urged consumers to read the product labels and pay attention to the warnings provided, as well as to adhere to the recommended daily intake of sweeteners and avoid excessive consumption.

Furthermore, Mhaidat said that the sweeteners' product labels require clear warnings regarding the non-consumption of aspartame in any form by individuals with phenylketonuria (PKU), or the inclusion of a statement indicating the presence of phenylalanine.