Gov’t says delayed transport system to resume ‘soon’

The government on Wednesday said that the financial issues that plagued the Urban Transport Project are close to being worked out. (Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — The government recently responded to citizens' demands for more support for the Urban Transport Project. The first phase of the project was executed in certain cities but was delayed due to financial obstacles and the COVID-19 pandemic.اضافة اعلان

In remarks to Jordan News, Wajeeh Azaizeh, the minister of transport, said: "the hard financial circumstances which delayed the project's launch are in the process of being phased out, and we will start working on this project soon. It is a promising project of great importance."

"The Intelligent Transportation System is part of a whole Urban Transport Project, which is a project that aims to solve the traffic jam crisis around the Kingdom through new electric buses," the minister continued.

"This project is a huge and important project that we should all be proud of," Abla Weshah, the official spokesperson of the Land Transport Regulatory Commission, told Jordan News. Weshah added that "this project aims to solve the traffic problem and therefore develop Irbid city, for instance, in a modern way that would bring tourists to the city."

Greater Irbid Municipality Committee chairman, Qabalan Al-Sharif, told Jordan News previously that "the project is still in its first phase and still needs some time to be ready."
However, his sentiments about the project remain the same he said.

Sharif previously stated: "The plan is a promising step for Irbid and Zarqa cities, and for Jordan generally, as it will significantly help in reducing traffic jams and the development of the cities." Furthermore, he said: "What makes this project different is that it is modern and keeps pace with new developments."

Intelligent transportation seeks to reduce the consumption of gasoline and diesel.

The first phase of the Intelligent Transportation system will be implemented in four specific governorates. It will then be circulated to the rest of the governorates to improve the quality of public transportation services across the Kingdom.

In addition to the Intelligent Transportation System, payments will also be electronic and collected through prepaid cards.  The buses will operate on set schedules.

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