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GAM prepares to launch Bus Rapid Transit Project

(Photo: Handout From BRT website)

IRBID — The Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) on Monday published banners to encourage people to use the Bus Rapid Transit Project after GAM declared sections of the project finished.اضافة اعلان

Speaking about the project, GAM spokesperson, Nasser Rahamneh, said: "We finished some time ago working on preparing bus lanes, diagnostic signs, and directional panels, but during this period our focus is on training bus drivers to use the bus, adhere to the lanes, and explain the laws and regulations.”

Rahamneh added: "We have already finished preparing and modifying the infrastructure of the project, and we can say that it is ready to provide an excellent service that suits the Jordanian citizen very soon."

Citizens reacted on social media after the banners were published, with a user named Rahamna saying "the reality is that what is being circulated is evidence of real interest in the bus rapid transit project, and a great desire of citizens to meet an excellent level of service"

Sohaib, another social media user, wrote on Twitter: "I am happy that the bus rapid transit project will be operational, and I hope one day I will be able to park my car and use the bus in order to reduce the time and environmental and financial costs.”

Rahman told Jordan News that "this project has been worked on down to the smallest details in order to ensure a level that every passenger deserves. We have been keen on cleanliness, security monitoring, facilities for people with special needs, easy electronic payment service, and other services that aim to facilitate the transportation process and raise it to another level.".

“This project is an important and necessary step, and it will not only serve the passenger, but will serve various sectors,” he said. “The trial operation phase will be very soon.”

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