Jordanians celebrate second Eid Al-Adha under COVID

(Photo: Amir Khalifa/Jordan News)

AMMAN — On Tuesday, July 20, the Eid Al-Adha holiday began. The holiday, a celebration of Ibrahim’s willingness to sacrifice his son at God’s will, came as the country continues to face the COVID-19 pandemic.اضافة اعلان

Jordanians around the Kingdom celebrated the holiday, performing traditional sheep sacrifices and pouring into sweet shops and restaurants.

A vendor pours candy in downtown Amman. (Amir Khalifa/Jordan News)

Raed Hamada, a representative from the Jordan Chamber of Commerce’s food sector, said that the demand for Eid Al-Adha sweets was weak compared to previous years on July 18, 2021. (Amir Khalifa/Jordan News)

Families usually mark the holiday with gifts, sweets, and new outfits. (Amir Khalifa/Jordan News)

For the second year in a row, Jordanians have celebrated the major holiday under COVID-19 restrictions. In the days before the holiday, government officials stressed the importance of following social distancing measures and wearing masks to avoid transmitting the virus.  (Amir Khalifa/Jordan News)

Shoppers in downtown Amman during Eid Al-Adha.  (Amir Khalifa/Jordan News)

Merchants speaking to Jordan News in the days leading up to the holiday warned that the economic crisis means less demand for goods than is typical during the celebration. (Amir Khalifa/Jordan News)

Bumper-to-bumper traffic in Amman during the holiday. (Amir Khalifa/Jordan News)

The official holiday took place from July 19 to July 23. (Amir Khalifa/Jordan News)

Bright decorative lights illuminate the capital city. (Amir Khalifa/Jordan News)

Pedestrians in the street during the first night of eid. (Amir Khalifa/Jordan News)

Consumers standing outside a shop in downtown Amman. (Amir Khalifa/Jordan News)

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