Four day White Friday begins today

(Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN – A four-day sale dubbed “White Friday” starts as of today, November 24, at outlets across the Kingdom, slashing the prices of commodities, mostly clothing, shoes and fabrics in the local markets.اضافة اعلان

As the COVID-19 pandemic daily cases rise, this year’s White Friday, known internationally as Black Friday, will be held from the 24-27, to prevent overcrowding in markets in accordance with health protocols, said Asaad Qawasmi, representative of the clothing, fabrics, shoes and jewelry sector at the Jordan Chamber of Commerce, reported the Jordan News Agency, Petra.

Qawasmi said on Tuesday that the sale will vary according to the source of the goods. Prices of goods from China, which constitute about 50 percent of the overall imported goods, have spiked recently, while the prices of imported goods from Turkey and European countries are unchanged.

Actual reduction in prices are tangible, and the sale is subject to the instructions and control of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply. However, according to Qawasmi, who noted that the percentage of imports in the clothing and footwear sector dropped by 20 percent this season, compared to previous years, due to retailers’ tightened liquidity, and citizens’ low purchase power.

Retailers fall under three categories; those with in-stock of goods priced at less than the amount required for the annual sale, local branches of international brands, which usually follow the parent company’s discount policy, and owners of shops in malls, who will be participating in White Friday sales.

The concept of slashed prices, or “Black Friday,” originated in the US, and usually follows Thanksgiving Day, which is the period of time when consumers usually begin shopping for Christmas. It spread around the world as it benefits both retailers and consumers.

On a regional scale, Arab countries dubbed the discounts “White Friday,” because the color black holds a ‘sinister’ connotation.

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