Fayez: Jordan always remain 'invincible' under King's leadership

Fayez: Jordan always remain 'invincible' under King's leadership
Amman - Jordan will always remain invincible in countering the forces of evil and firmly confront every traitor, terrorist and extremist, thanks to the strong will of His Majesty King Abdullah II in building a solid and proud homeland, Senate President, Faisal Fayez, said.اضافة اعلان

Fayez also lauded the "genuine" awareness of Jordanians, resilience of the Kingdom's security departments and valiant armed forces, which are the nation’s shield to ensure its security and stability.

In a statement Tuesday, he valued the "remarkable" efforts made by Jordan's security apparatuses and armed forces in confronting all "suspicious" plans that target the country's security and unity of its people.

In this regard, Fayez highlighted role of Jordan's security services and army in protecting the nation's borders from foreign dangers.

Fayez voiced the Senate's support to the King, the army, and security departments in the battle to defend the homeland.

"The miserable attempts to tamper with the Kingdom's security and stability will only increase its strength and resilience under the King's leadership, who has dedicated himself to serve his country and the Arab issues, " he pointed out.

Fayez stated that the Kingdom's security and stability is "the responsibility of all," amid the region's turbulent circumstances.

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