False olive oil advertisements spread on social media

olive oil
(Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — False advertisements for low-price sales of olive oil are spreading on social media, and the consumer who is looking for preferential prices has been the victim of those scams.اضافة اعلان

Citizen Rama Al-Wahsha said that she read an advertisement on Facebook stating that the price of an olive oil container is JD45. She justified the low price by believing the oil was from a crop harvested last year. However, when she asked to sample the product, and the seller refused, she began questioning the quality.

President of the Jordanian Olive Products Exporters Association, Fayyad Al-Zyoud, said that due to the high price of olive oil in previous years, consumers are looking for the cheapest price, and these people are taking advantage of that.

He added that the Jordan Media Commission sets conditions for merchants’ advertisements to sell olive oil, but on social media sites such as Facebook, they have less control.

Zyoud stressed the need to verify the merchant by purchasing directly from the farms, purchasing bottled oil from well-known shops, or confirming the source by buying through the civil and military consumer corporations. He added that ensuring the product has a trademark and information printed on it for the purpose of contacting after the sale is essential. 

One of the methods used by these merchants is to put well-known names in the production of luxury olive oils in advertisements to gain consumer trust, he shared.

He also noted that any person is able to inform the Jordan Food and Drug Administration if they have doubts about any advertisement, and said that the Ministry of Agriculture also provides an oil test service before purchasing done by taking a sample from the source for verification purposes.

Ahmed Al-Harhasheh, an olive oil buyer, said: “I prefer not to buy olive oil except from an olive oil press because I guarantee that it is not fake, even if its price is a little higher.”

Muhammad Al-Manasir, a manager of an olive oil press, said: “In our press, we fill the oil in front of the customer. The process of fraud and deception in selling oil is an old issue, and many customers ask us how to distinguish the difference between the fake and the original olive oil, and this indicates that consumers lost their trust in merchants.”

Manasir explained that one container costs the farmer about JD50 and questioned: “how can these merchants sell it for JD45?”

“We have 4,000 dunums containing 120,000 olive trees, and the process of picking and pressing is exhausting, and it is not acceptable for its price to reach what was in those advertisements, even the oil of the previous year, no matter how low, remains within the range of JD60,” he added.

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