Electric vehicles take charge in Jordan's market, up by 35%

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(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN – On Sunday, the Jordan Free Zones Investors Commission (JFZIC) unveiled a remarkable 35 percent surge in the total number of vehicles cleared during the initial two months of the current year. The figures soared to 12,738 vehicles, marking a significant leap from 9,437 vehicles recorded during the corresponding period last year.اضافة اعلان

Jihad Abu Nasser, representative of the automobile sector at the JFZIC, highlighted a burgeoning interest among Jordanians towards electric vehicles. This growing trend mirrors the government's concerted efforts to render electric vehicles more accessible through reduced taxes, Al-Mamlaka TV reported.

Electric vehicles, championing environmental preservation and reduced fuel consumption, have garnered substantial attention, positioning Jordan as a vanguard in sustainable energy initiatives. Collaborations with international bodies underscore the Kingdom's commitment to fostering a green ecosystem conducive to electric vehicle proliferation.

Despite gasoline-powered vehicles retaining dominance in the market, Jordan boasts approximately 100,000 electric cars among its nearly 2 million vehicles, accounting for roughly 5 percent of the vehicular landscape.

The government's unwavering stance on upholding stable legislation aims to nurture an investor-friendly environment conducive to sustained growth. A recent Cabinet decree mandating a 3-year factory warranty on vehicles, effective October 1, underscores the authorities' commitment to swiftly addressing consumer concerns.

Looking ahead, Jordan envisions surpassing the 50 percent milestone in electric vehicle adoption within the next decade to fifteen years, propelled by favorable policies and growing public interest.

While gasoline-powered vehicle prices remain steady, the electric vehicle segment witnesses heightened competition fueled by citizens' inclination towards cost-effective alternatives. Reduced taxes on electric vehicles bolster their affordability, presenting a compelling proposition for prospective buyers. However, global dynamics reveal that factory prices for electric vehicles remain unaffected by customs duties compared to their gasoline counterparts.

Furthermore, recent data analysis underscores a historic low in the clearance of gasoline-powered vehicles, with only 425 cars cleared in February of the ongoing year, a stark decline from the 992 vehicles cleared in February 2023.

The burgeoning interest in electric vehicles signals a transformative shift in Jordan's automotive landscape, heralding a new era of sustainable mobility and environmental consciousness. As the Kingdom steers towards a greener future, electric vehicles emerge as pivotal catalysts in the journey towards sustainable development.

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