EU grants of 25m euros to Support Jordan's democratic reforms

EU grants of 25m euros to Support Jordan's democratic reforms
(Photo: Jordan News Agency, Petra)
AMMAN — The Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation in Jordan has signed two grant agreements provided by the EU to support the implementation of the "Sharakah: Partnership" program and back the country's democratic reforms. اضافة اعلان

The grants, totaling 25 million euros, were announced during a signing ceremony on Wednesday, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported.

Minister of Planning, Zina Toukan, expressed her gratitude during the signing ceremony and highlighted that these grants are part of the bilateral aid provided by the EU to the Kingdom. They also fall under the indicative program for 2021–2027, demonstrating the long-term commitment to Jordan's progress.

Toukan emphasized that the grants will contribute significantly to supporting the government's development and reform efforts. Furthermore, they align with Jordan's economic, administrative, and political modernization paths, indicating a comprehensive approach to nation-building.

Grant details
The first grant, amounting to 15 million euros, is designated for the implementation of the Jordanian-European partnership programs known as "Sharakah." This program has been ongoing for over 20 years and aligns with the Economic Modernization Vision (EMV) and its executive program for 2023–2025, as well as the Public Sector Modernization Roadmap.

Toukan outlined the main axes of the EMV's program, which include the development of human resources policies, training and capacity building for public sector workers, the launch of information technology systems, the support and implementation of the digital transformation strategy and digitization of government services, the promotion of green economy policies and initiatives, and efforts to enhance integrity and accountability frameworks.

The second grant, valued at 10 million euros, focuses on supporting Jordan's democratic reform program.

This package aims to strengthen and develop the country's political life.

Toukan highlighted that the grant is in line with the outcomes of the Royal Committee to Modernize the Political System (RCMPS), particularly in terms of building institutional capacities and enacting constitutional and legislative reforms.

Empowering women, youth, and democratic institutions
Toukan underscored that the second grant also serves to empower women and youth, ensuring their active participation in Jordan's political and civil life.

Moreover, it aims to strengthen the role of democratic institutions and enable them to exercise their powers effectively.

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