Drug tightening measures cause long delays at border

The last time the Jaber border crossing with Syria was in the news was 11 months ago, when the outlet was closed due to the multiples cases of Coronavirus reported there, triggering the second and vic
(Photo: Jordan News)

AMMAN — Drivers who transport goods across Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon complained that they have been stranded at Jaber Border crossing for three to four days due to stringent inspection measures, Jo24 reported. اضافة اعلان

Drivers told Jo24 that the measures taken by the authorities on the Jaber Border crossing have caused not only delays, but losses of income. They called for the inspections to be sped up so goods can enter Jordan before they expire.

Deputy President of the Truck Owners Syndicate Nael Al-Thiabat, indicated that work hours are the reason why trucks are stuck at the borders, adding there should be more inspectors and security staff, with working hours needing to increase to allow the highest possible number of trucks into the Kingdom.

He said authorities have been tightening the inspection measures ever since 14 trucks were found carrying narcotics.

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