Clash with incoming right-wing Israeli gov’t is inevitable — veteran politican

Benjamin Netanyahu
(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Veteran politician and parliamentarian Mamdouh Al-Abadi on Sunday warned about the challenges the Israeli right and the ruling coalition government of Benjamin Netanyahu and Itamar Ben-Gvir will pose to Jordan. اضافة اعلان

Speaking at the Middle East Institute for Media and Political Studies in Amman, Abadi said that a clash between Jordan and the extremist Israeli government is inevitable, and warned that the Israeli right-wing policy is clear and presents a threat to Jordan.

Its program seeks to establish “Greater Israel” and the subjugation of the East Bank of Jordan, and extends even beyond the Kingdom, into the Arabian Peninsula, he said.

According to Abadi, the focal point of the inevitable clash with the incoming Israeli government is to displace the Palestinians and empty the occupied West Bank of its people. This, he said, will force the Jordanian decision makers to adopt the only option available, which is confrontation, both political and military.

Abadi called for preparing current and future Jordanian generations for this historical inevitability, because displacement will happen, and because the Jordanian state has no option but to defend its interests, stressing the need for Jordanians to understand the reality of the conflict.

Abadi said that there is urgent need to fortify the home front, and initiate a national dialogue with a view to adopting serious, and radical political and economic reforms.

He also warned against directing accusations at the Palestinian component in Jordan, “because the Palestinians will not sell their land and will not leave Palestine”.

He suggested resuming talks with resistance factions, diversifying political and diplomatic options, and joining parties that are opposed to the Israeli far right.

Abadi also called for reimposing compulsory military service, arming and training the entire Jordanian people, including women, in preparation for the inevitable confrontation.

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