CARE continues supporting Jordan's efforts in supporting refugees

CARE continues supporting Jordan's efforts in supporting refugees
Amman - The Jordanian government has a qualitative response plan for dealing with refugees based on a clear and comprehensive vision, according to Christine Fernandes, Acting Country Director of CARE International in Jordan. The organization supports ongoing efforts to meet the basic needs of host communities to help them live peacefully and securely.اضافة اعلان

She added, in her statement to the Jordan News Agency (Petra), that CARE Jordan seeks to generate economic empowerment in communities facing difficult living conditions, enhance the civic participation of women and girls in these areas in cooperation with the civil society and government agencies, and involve young people of both genders in social and economic empowerment initiatives to achieve genuine and sustainable development.

CARE Jordan has been present in Jordan for 76 years, and its programs and projects are consistent with Jordan's economic modernization vision, which aims to enhance growth and improve quality of life. The programs focus on gender equality and women economic empowerment, contributing to the achievement of national goals for sustainable growth and improved living standards.

Fernandes emphasized that CARE Jordan supports projects in the fields of vocational training and entrepreneurship and supports policies that enhance women's economic participation and stimulate their economic potential.

She stressed that Jordanian women have immense energy and unique proficiency in work, requiring only support, encouragement, and training to become a vital driver of national growth. She also indicated that the organization operates within four main pillars: women economic empowerment, gender equality, climate justice, and humanitarian response.

Within these pillars are dozens of programs and activities, such as providing non-repayable financial grants for entrepreneurial projects, home businesses, and startups, as well as online learning and education programs.

There are also programs specialized in social and psychological support, workforce training, and initiatives on achieving climate justice and environmental conservation, and other projects that align with governmental plans and programs.

Fernandes explained that the programs implemented by CARE Jordan are all based on scientific studies and community needs and are closely linked to the modernization vision. Every year, it evaluates the situation of refugees by conducting research studies that reveal their most important needs and priorities.

CARE Jordan also conducts studies on the conditions of vulnerable Jordanian communities to design and implement programs tailored to their needs.

CARE Jordan aims to expand its services in the southern regions of the Kingdom during the upcoming year.

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