Boeing hold on-campus aviation event — HTU

(Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN —The AeroSquad Club at the Al-Hussein Technical University (HTU), an initiative by the Crown Prince Foundation supported by The Boeing Company, organized its first aviation event on Sunday, according to the Jordan News Agency, Petra.اضافة اعلان

The event, dubbed: “UAVs Industrial and Academic Development in Jordan,” which was held on the HTU’s campus in Amman, featured an overview of the club and its activities, a welcome speech by the university president, and a panel discussion on the latest developments in aviation sciences and UAV technologies, as well as project displays by students of the AeroSquad Club.

Supported by the American aerospace company Boeing, the event aimed to attract those interested in the field. It also encouraged participation in aviation activities by providing the appropriate environment and opportunities to experience flying UAVs remotely.

HTU President Ismail Hinti praised Boeing’s support and experts during the event. He mentioned that the field of aviation, especially UAVs, is very important and is growing rapidly.

He also said that major aerospace manufacturers and aviation service providers need university graduates who have the right industry knowledge and are ready to enter the labour market.

With the help of its partners, the HTU will be able to provide youth with the latest technology and programs in the field of aviation and work on enhancing their capabilities through practical exercises.

Ghazi Murr, President of the AeroSquad Club and a student at the university said that more than ten students and members of the club from different academic backgrounds have worked hard to put the event together.

The Al-Hussein Technical University was established in 2016 as an initiative by the Crown Prince Foundation to award bachelor’s degrees and intermediate university degrees in engineering and computer science subjects.

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