Audit Bureau exposes gross violations in executing Wala Dam

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AMMAN — The Audit Bureau’s report for 2021 has revealed critical and dangerous transgressions in a project to increase the height of the Wala Dam at a cost of JD31 million. اضافة اعلان

The dam serves the agricultural areas on both sides of the Wala Valley below the dam in the Madaba Governorate.

According to the report, when the engineers of the Audit Bureau conducted a field inspection last September of the construction works assigned to two companies at a value of JD25 million funded by a joint grant, it was found that the dam was emptied several times between January and March of 2021.

The total sum of emptied water was estimated at more than 3 million cubic meters, including 800,000 cubic meters in one day. The emptying of the dam was approved by the Jordan Valley Authority, which confirmed that the emptying was based on the minister’s instructions at the time.

The report showed that an expert was assigned to conduct a study regarding the new height of the dam, who expressed concern over its safety and reservations about increasing its height. The engineer recommended then not to fill the dam above its original height.

The expert report stated that “Al-Wala dam was originally ramified in its right and left sides, and it was raised by a reinforced concrete retaining wall, and this is not common in dam engineering.”

It said the ramp must be of the “same nature and composition as the original dam, which could have significant effects on the structural behavior, as each type has different structural parameters that result in different settlement rates.”

The report warned of a high probability of pipe erosion inside the body of the original dam, especially since parts of the concrete wall and separators are located above the clay core.

It said that there is evidence of settlement in the concrete wall, which affects the movement of the concrete wall vertical and horizontal directions, and that such movements put pressure on the eight water stops and could damage them, and lead to leakage of water through them.

According to the Audit Bureau, the National Committee for Dams agreed with what was stated in the report.

Alternately, it said that it was necessary to develop and activate an integrated national emergency plan of an effective warning and response system, with the participation of all relevant parties, and in coordination with the National Center for Security and Crisis Management, to evacuate the area below the dam in case of increased risks of flooding, or collapse of the dam.

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