2,776 violations committed in 2021, Audit Bureau says in annual report

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AMMAN — Acting President of the Audit Bureau Ibrahim Al-Majali handed over the annual report for 2021 to the speaker of Parliament on Wednesday.اضافة اعلان

The move is in accordance with Article 119 of the Jordanian constitution, which stipulates that the annual report must be submitted at the beginning of the regular session of parliament, and pursuant to Article 22 A of the Audit Act, Ammon News reported.

The 13-seat Chamber of Deputies, also known as the Lower House of Parliament, reconvened for an ordinary session on November 13.

Majali said the total savings to the benefit of the state Treasury during 2021 amounted to approximately JD69 million. He said they came as a result of the audit of transactions related to taxes and fees, the recovery of unlawfully spent money, and participation in bidding and procurement committees.

During the same year, the bureau found 2776 violations, of which 22 were corrected.

In a press statement Majali said that the 70th annual report for 2021 contains seven chapters. Chapter 1 outlined the most important achievements of the bureau during the year, namely the amendment to its law, the digital transformation it is undergoing, and the development of working methodologies and oversight tasks.

Chapter 2 highlighted an analysis and audit of the final accounts of the general budget, the public debt, and the analysis of the final accounts of the government units.

Chapter 3 consisted of reports issued by the bureau on performance oversight, environment and sustainable development.

Chapter 4 comprised audits of the limitations, and records of a number of government-owned companies, those in which the government owns 50 percent or more of shares, according to Majali.

Chapter 5 contained cases that were referred to the judiciary of the Integrity and Anti-Corruption Commission for further investigation and review.

Chapter 6 of the report included a number of contentious issues with regulators.

Chapter 7 contained the most important oversight outputs issued during 2021.

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