4,000 doctors face dismissal from association for failure to pay dues

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AMMAN — If the Jordan Medical Association (JMA) decides to suspend the membership of doctors who have not paid their financial dues to the association and the pension fund, about 4,000 doctors would be immediately dismissed, and they would not be permitted to practice the profession, according to sources from the JMA.اضافة اعلان

The majority of these doctors work in the public sector for the Ministry of Health, universities, and the Greater Amman Municipality, Al-Ghad News reported.

Currently, the association is carefully studying the cancellation of these memberships, given that this step could “greatly affect the practice of the profession and the Jordanian medical sector”, the sources said.

Doctor membership in figuresJMA President Ziyad Al-Zoubi said that the JMA’s most recent statistics show that about 28,000 doctors practice within the Kingdom in the public and private sectors.

In a statement shared with Al-Ghad, Zoubi indicated that about 50 percent of practitioners regularly pay their dues to the association, while the memberships of 50 percent of Ministry of Health doctors have either been cancelled or are subject to immediate cancellation according to the Medical Association Law.

Meanwhile, about 65 percent of doctors and professors working at universities have fallen behind in paying their dues to the association, and are subject to suspension.

Reinstating membershipDoctors who fall into this category were given a four-month grace period that ended last month, exempting those who pay their debts to the association from any fines and providing the possibility of paying in instalments.

Furthermore, the Minister of Health had issued a circulation to doctors working for the ministry regarding the need to resolve their situations, but he did not implement the JMA’s proposal to deduct the dues from doctors’ salaries.

Any doctor who comes forward to pay their financial obligations will be reinstated to the association, on the condition that they pay their dues in full and sign legal documents regarding the payment of installments should they choose that method of payment.

Pharmacist suspensionsIn a similar development, the Jordan Pharmacists Association announced on Tuesday the removal of the names of thousands of pharmacists from its records of practicing pharmacists and the removal of their names from the records of the association’s Pension and Social Security Fund, due to their failure to pay their annual fees.

The syndicate said that pharmacists who have lost their memberships are only able to reregister as practicing pharmacists with the association and the retirement fund within one year from the date of termination, after paying all financial obligations and the enrollment fee of JD150.

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