373k work permits for Syrians, professions reserved for Jordanians

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AMMAN — According to Mohammed Al-Zyoud, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Labor, the cumulative number of work permits issued to Syrian laborers since 2016 has been around 373,000 permits. However, he made it clear that these work permits are exclusively granted for occupations that are not open to non-Jordanian workers.اضافة اعلان

Job opportunities exclusive to JordaniansIn a bid to ensure a well-organized labor market and create employment opportunities for Jordanians, the Ministry of Labor has taken a decisive step by reserving several professions solely for Jordanian citizens. These professions encompass various technical, professional, administrative, sales, maintenance, and vehicle repair jobs, among others, Ammon Net reported.

Despite the restrictions, there are some exceptions in specific cases. Employers have the opportunity to hire non-Jordanians for specialized skilled professions, subject to work permits with fees that can go up to JD2200. For instance, professions like general labor, loading and unloading, as well as certain sectors such as agriculture, construction, and bakeries are open to non-Jordanian labor.

300,000 valid work permits in Jordan for non-Jordanian workersAt present, there are approximately 300,000 valid work permits in Jordan for non-Jordanian workers from various nationalities. This is noteworthy given that the country has been hosting over 1.3 million Syrian refugees since the crisis began in 2011, with about 660,000 of them registered with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

In a welcome gesture, Syrian workers have been exempted from permit fees since 2016, as part of Jordan's commitment to the Jordanian Compact during the London Conference in 2016.

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