2,151 rumors circulated in Jordan in last five years, statistics show

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AMMAN — According to the latest statistics, 2,151 rumors circulated in Jordan over in the past five years, mostly on social media and news websites. اضافة اعلان

Between August 2018 and the end of December 2022, 503 rumors were published by local media outlets, while 1,457 were posted on social media platforms, the Jordanian Media Credibility Monitor, Akeed, reported.

Detailed reports on rumors by Akeed, carried by the Jordan News Agency, Petra, found that rumors usually thrive in abnormal circumstances, including times of crises, wars, or natural disasters.

However, it revealed that rumors remain prevalent even in ordinary circumstances. It stated that they are more likely to spread in certain social, political, and cultural environments, adding that their spread depends on the degree of ambiguity and subject matter.

Fact-checking Specialists, who reviewed the data, said that in order to combat rumors, individuals need to be able to verify the accuracy of information by retrieving it from reliable sources.

Private and state institutions hold a joint and strategic role in countering rumors, they contended, underlining the need to differentiate between freedom of expression and disseminating misleading information that may be intended to offend a certain entity or personality.

Monitoring rumors in Jordan is at the heart of Akeed's tasks, monitor Director Hussein Abu Rumman said.

Reports of rumors are compiled and posted monthly and annually on its website, he added.

The latest report showed that 362 rumors were recorded in 2022, averaging around 30 per month, said Abu Rumman.

Most of the rumors are related to the economy, followed by public affairs and then security, with these topics rotating in terms of prevalence, he said.

Rumors, he added, tend to be started from with the Kingdom, with 95 percent coming from local sources.

In 2021, Akeed reported a total of 550 rumors.

The Jordan Media Institute and the King Abdullah II Fund for launched the Akeed in 2014.

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