Women engineers tackle environmental awareness

(Photos: Handouts from Eco Youth Group)
(Photos: Handouts from Eco Youth Group)
AMMAN — Eco Youth Group, made up of a group of female engineers, is trying to spread environmental awareness and culture in Jordan.

Their idea stemmed from the need for a comprehensive environmental information platform that covers crucial aspects and gathers interests in one place, facilitating the process of reaching researchers, specialists, and decision-makers. اضافة اعلان

Jordan News interviewed Heba Al-Mustafa, a civil engineer and member of Eco Youth Group. 

The group has worked on a slew of projects and activities and are in the process of establishing the first environmental school club in one of Ajloun’s secondary schools for girls.

The group decided to raise more awareness by allowing 15 students (ages 13 to 17) to partake in the project, which has several objectives and goals, according to Mustafa.

(Photos: Handouts from Eco Youth Group)

She said the project is dedicated to mainstreaming sustainability, allowing volunteers in all regions to cover events, and including and covering all topics related to the environment and agriculture.

Additionally, the project aims to cover environmental news, events, and occasions; offer grants and opportunities related to the field of agriculture, environment, and sustainable development; host conferences, symposiums, and workshops in agriculture and the environment; launch initiatives at the level of the northern regions, specifically in the Ajloun region; and spread environmental awareness and education to children, among other goals.

Mustafa added that the Eco Youth Group plans to make the Eco Jordan platform comprehensive, providing content on climate change and linking it to women’s empowerment in the environmental field.

The group is also planning to introduce new interactive methods to workshops and create a systematic plan for training courses.

“Our vision is to reach the Jordanian Environmental Media Summit,” she said. “Because environmental education and awareness are the first steps to achieve the goals of sustainable development by directing and unifying efforts to protect the Jordanian nature and environment.”

(Photos: Handouts from Eco Youth Group)

She contended that Environmental Harmony and Sustainable Development is for people looking to live more sustainably, fight the climate crisis, and learn about environmental justice.  

“We hope to inspire you to make simple changes to your daily habits and lifestyle,” said Mustaga. “And also to empower others to fight for what they believe in, especially what is related to our planet.” 

The group believes that small actions can collectively make a significant impact, ensuring a healthy planet for the next generations. 

“The cost we need is for the activities and volunteers who work with us and contribute to spreading environmental awareness and empowering our platform,” she said. “We are a startup specializing in media and all those who work with us are volunteers.”

And these costs are covered by the team, according to Mustafa. 
While the group is not looking for funding from external parties, she said, it cooperates with several local groups and organizations. 

(Photos: Handouts from Eco Youth Group)

Some of Eco Youth Group’s partners include: JEA (Ajloun branch), the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature, private sector companies and foundations, and the Ministry of Education.

According to Mustafa, Eco Youth Group conducts participatory research and interdisciplinary research, generates environmental awareness using innovative approaches and strategies, creates projects, programs, and campaigns for carrying out community-based on environmental protection, and uses advocacy and provides consultancy to promote and help achieve sustainable development. 

“We communicate our ideas to local communities through coordination with volunteers, each according to his region,” she said. “Our plans and strategies aim to reach universality by communicating with bodies and organizations from around the world.”

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