German envoy lauds level of cooperation with Jordan

Bernhard Kampmann
German Ambassador Bernhard Kampmann. (Photo: Twitter)
AMMAN — German Ambassador Bernhard Kampmann affirmed that “German-Jordanian political relations are at their highest levels,” noting that “the diplomatic ties that connect the two sides have extended since the early 50s, and are based on trust between German and Jordanian leaders,” according to Al-Ghad News. اضافة اعلان

On the occasion of the German National Day, Kampmann expressed his happiness with this “distinguished level of dialogue, cooperation and coordination relations between the two countries.”

The German ambassador stressed that “multidimensional cooperation with Jordan is continuing in the crisis prevention and resolution field,” pointing to “the role of a series of meetings on the Middle East peace process between the foreign ministers of Jordan, Egypt, France and Germany in the Munich Group, which was established in 2020,” to intensify coordination and cooperation, especially at the level of the Palestinian cause.

The envoy referred to Jordan’s role in the region, as “an important partner located in a problematic area and a translator of regional dynamics.”

On the role of Germany in the developments of the Palestinian cause, Kampmann stressed the importance of Jordan and Germany’s cooperation.

He pointed to the geographical closeness between Jordan and the Palestinian territories, which allows Jordan to explain to others where the most complex issues lie, in parallel with the role of German stance in international politics and its reliable relations with several countries in the region.

He said “we are discussing with Jordan the messages both Germany and Jordan can deliver, which points to fruitful cooperation,” he said.

Kampmann asserted that the German government is committed and will continue to provide the necessary aid and support to the Kingdom, while negotiations will take place between the two countries this week to agree on the aid map for the next two years.

On the political tensions in Syria, the ambassador said: “Germany is aware of the magnitude of the challenges that Jordan faces in this regard due to the refugee crisis and the need for aid and support.”

He added: “Germany is one of the partners that have maintained cooperation in the humanitarian field... and we will continue to do so.”

“Germany also addresses the challenges arising from the refugee crisis through bilateral developmental cooperation between the two countries. For example, Germany supports two-shift school system for refugee children,” according to Kampmann.

The ambassador also praised Jordan’s commencement of a “political dialogue among Arab countries” to discuss the solutions to the Syrian conflict.

Furthermore, Kampmann said that “Germany, which is the second largest bilateral donor of development cooperation with Jordan, will hold high-level government negotiations on future development aid in Amman on October 5 and 6,” adding that “new commitments for the next two years will be announced.”

The ambassador added: “the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development pledged, in April 2022, to allocate 50 million euros for a desalination and water conveying project in Aqaba and Amman,” noting that “this contribution makes us the second largest contributor to the EU.”

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