Amman metro logistics being studied, citizens not optimistic

(Photo: Pixabay)
AMMAN — A source from the Greater Amman Municipality (GAM), who preferred to remain unnamed, told Jordan News, "it’s still too early to talk about the Amman metro and give more details about it."اضافة اعلان

The source added that a technical and financial study is being conducted to analyze the viability of opening a metro in Amman. He also stated that those studies can help the municipality analyze the project’s actual cost and whether we can continue to pursue the project or not.

"This is the first and most important stage. When we finish it, we shall move to the next stage, and we can start implementing the project," the source said. "We are looking forward to seeing if the study results meet our expectations and help us in moving in with the project."

According to the source, the metro project aims to assist with traffic congestion and assist citizens with quick and efficient transportation. They also added that “traffic jams are one of the greatest obstacles that the country faces."
Citizens who spoke to Jordan News said that they do not feel optimistic about the launch of this project, citing their dissatisfaction with the Rapid Transit Bus as the reason.

Mamoun Khresha told Jordan News that "if the Rapid Transit Bus took them almost 10 years, how long would any new project take them? I feel that such projects contribute to increasing the traffic jams, not in reducing them."
"Can you see any difference between the traffic jams before and after the Rapid Transit Bus?” Khresha said, adding, “If it did not increase, it is still the same. I still remember how the traffic diversions in some streets made things even worse than before."

Mohammad Shinnawi, another member of the public, told Jordan News that "projects like these are great and effective only when they are done in countries that respect time."

"As a citizen, who cares about his country, I ask the government to give great attention to such projects; even tourists shall fall in love with our country when they see that it is full of new and modern projects in various life aspects,” he said.

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