‘This is my right’ a podcast to navigate Jordan’s legal system

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Looking for a binge-worthy podcast? Hoping to brush up on your legal rights on-the-go? “Hatha Haqqi”, Arabic for “This is my right”, is a six-episode podcast series that is sure to hook you, even if you are not an avid podcast listener. The series introduces fundamental legal concepts and their practical implementation for residents of Jordan through a selection of interviews with legal experts. اضافة اعلان

The series, which ran from July through September of this year, is a part of the “This is my right” campaign under the project “Increased Legal Awareness of Citizens on Their Rights Under the Law”, which is being implemented by DIGNITY, the Danish Institute Against Torture, in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice. The podcast was produced with financial assistance from the European Union, through the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation.

The six episodes are hosted by Rawan Nakhleh, an investigative journalist and skilled presenter. The legal issues covered in the audio presentations fall under three themes: juveniles, people with disabilities, and access to legal aid. The content aims to enlighten the public, guide them through big legal questions, and help bring them a step closer to a full realization of their rights.

The first two episodes venture into juvenile fair trial guarantees and juvenile protection with two legal experts in social protection cases, Ayesh Awamleh and Lubna Qaddoumi.

The third episode addresses the rights of persons with disabilities in the Jordanian labor market, and the fourth focuses on their rights in education. The two episodes feature Asya Yaghi from the I am a Human Society for Rights of Persons with Disabilities and Mohannad Al-Azzeh from the Higher Council for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, respectively.
The content aims to enlighten the public, guide them through big legal questions, and help bring them a step closer to a full realization of their rights.
The fifth episode explores in-depth the legal aid mechanism in Jordan, that is, access to legal representation before public prosecutors and courts by hiring an attorney.

The Ministry of Justice provides legal aid services in cooperation with the Jordanian Bar Association, said episode guest Dr Musa Awawdeh, Head of the Legal Aid Directorate at the Ministry of Justice.

“The legal aid expenses are paid through the ministry’s Legal Aid Fund due to which applicants do not pay any expenses to their allotted attorneys,” he explained.

The episode also outlines the criteria that must be met in order to qualify for legal aid and the channels through which the service can be accessed.

The series wraps up its run by examining constitutional rights in Jordan: rights which are stipulated within the Jordanian constitution, the highest legislation within the country. The episode discusses the realities of instituting and enforcing laws, as well as the role of the constitutional court, as explained by legal expert Ali Hammouri.

Hatha Haqqi comes as a continuation of DIGNITY’s work to raise awareness among citizens and residents of Jordan through the podcast format, as a medium that has a unique place within the media landscape.

“Increasing public awareness of the array of legal rights as stipulated in the local law has proven to be a unique and successful experience,” said Yasar Abduh, DIGNITY’s Jordan Office Director. “The outreach of the Hatha Haqqi campaign through various media, including podcasts, has resonated very well within our community and our partners.”

“It is through continuous awareness-raising and capacity-building of our community and partners that DIGNITY can ultimately fulfil its mandate in the prevention of torture and the promotion of human rights,” he added.

The DIGNITY officer managing the project Amwaj Al-Zoubi also commented on the role of the podcast. “I believe that Hatha Haqqi is a monumental communication channel that explains to the bare ear legal terms, concepts, and procedures relevant to the Jordanian legal framework.”

“It also serves as a content reference for legal information presented by a myriad of renowned legal practitioners,” Zoubi said.

Hatha Haqqi not only shifts old paradigms, but also provides a fresh understanding of legal rights and the law. It is a constructive and enlightening way to occupy your mind while commuting, running errands, or exercising.

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