IAF completes project for ‘stable and balanced economic development’

Adayleh (second left) said that “exclusion” deprives the state administration of thousands of talents. (Photo: Jordn News)
AMMAN — The Islamic Action Front (IAF) held a press conference on Saturday, announcing the completion of the “Jordan Economic Vision 2030” project, which aims to achieve stable and balanced economic development and “sustainable economic and social well-being for the Jordanian society in 2030”.اضافة اعلان

Party Secretary-General Murad Al-Adayleh said: “This project that the party presents to the country, decision-makers, and Jordanian citizens, comes as a continuation of the program Jordan Tomorrow 2020, which was presented by the party in 2014 to contribute to providing visions for practical projects based on a document that consults Islamic points of reference in all aspects and uses investment and economic tools to achieve social justice, invest available resources, develop legislation and laws, invest in sustainable development, efficient governance, integrity, transparency, and, most importantly, political reform that will lead the leap from theoretical framework to practical life.”

Adayleh said that “exclusion” deprives the state administration of thousands of talents who could hold decision-making positions in the political, economic, and social fields, “which hinders the country from running on the right track”.

He said that “after having distinguished itself over the past decades through its inclusion approach, we see that the official approach in Jordan today is a policy of exclusion of the opposition”, adding that no economic plan can succeed without real political reform.

Party Deputy Secretary-General Wael Al-Sakka, head of the committee in charge of this project, said that the project is the party’s contribution to national programs meant to counter the crises facing the country.

He stressed that the long-term strategic objective of this project is to transform the Jordanian economy into a productive economy.

The project was prepared over a period of two years, during which 26 central party committees took part in workshops, he said, adding that it was presented to 10 experts, adding: “We will train party members on this study and submit it to the official authorities and the various institutions and unions concerned.

He expressed hope that the study will be taken into account to solve the current problems, “for the citizen to live a positive life”, and “to help the state find solutions in light of the economic and political blockage that we live in”.

Mohammad Al-Awawdeh, member of the committee responsible for preparing this project, said that the study worked on reviewing the “17 Sustainable Development Goals” and their suitability to the reality of Jordan, and on amending them to become as follows: combating poverty and unemployment, food security, good health and well-being, quality education, social justice, clean water, clean and affordable energy, decent work and economic growth, industry, innovation, and infrastructure, investing in natural resources, sustainable cities and civil societies, responsible consumption and production, environmental preservation, political reform, justice and law, good institutions, integrity, and anti-corruption, partnerships and Islamic financing”.

He added that more than 90 strategic objectives, 318 initiatives, and 112 projects have been approved, that “they are executable, and through them the objectives of the plan can be achieved”.

Musa Al-Wahsh, an official in charge of the party’s economic file, said that “we will announce this plan on Independence Day and we will invite 1,200 experts, MPs, and officials at the announcement ceremony to view and discuss this plan”.

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