Future of Jordan-Israel ties scrutinized by think tank

Shireen Abu Akleh
Journalist Shireen Abu Akleh. (File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Jordan-Israel relationship could be threatened by Israel’s constant violations and provocations in Jerusalem and at the Muslim holy sites, and by its policy of assassination, the latest of being journalist Shireen Abu Akleh, say political analysts. اضافة اعلان

That was also the conclusions reached by pundits attending a discussion held by the Politics and Society Institute, a Jordanian think tank, last week.

The institute held a brain-storming session with a group of researchers and political experts about the implications on the Jordanian-Israeli ties of recent events in the occupied Palestinian territories.

The session concluded that Israel’s acts are tantamount to political bullying, and that should make it incumbent on Jordan to carefully scrutinize the Israeli policies and the US role in the region in an attempt to follow policies in a manner that serves and protects Jordanian national and security interests.

Former foreign minister and Jordan’s first ambassador to Israel Marwan Muasher, who participated in the discussions, said that it is clear that Israel today is acting against Jordanian interests. Israel’s almost daily breaches of Al-Aqsa Mosque demonstrate its disregard for the Jordan-Israeli peace treaty, said Muasher.

“Israel’s refusal to withdraw from Palestinian lands and to allow the establishment of a Palestinian state indicates that Israel is attempting to resolve the conflict without taking Jordan’s interests into consideration,” Muasher said.

“We must oppose Israeli attempts because they pose an existential threat to Jordan, and we must engage with international forums to expose this Israeli threat and preserve Jordanian interests,” he added.

While emphasizing that Jordan is capable of dealing with this threat, he also underlined the danger of abandoning the two-state solution to Arab and international allies, particularly the US.

“Jordan is not weak and should not cave in to such pressures,” he said.

Political analyst Hamada Faraneh told Jordan News he believes that Jordan is in danger because the Israeli right-wing is attempting to export the Palestinian problem, as it did in 1948, to Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan, by expelling Palestinians from their lands.

Faraneh said that Israel considers Jordan to be the alternative homeland of Palestinians because of political, historical, and demographic realities.

Israel, Faraneh said, has no leverage over Jordan, and the Kingdom can adopt a firm policy vis-à-vis Israel, just as it did when it rejected the Trump peace plan and Benjamin Netanyahu’s plan to annex parts of the Jordan Valley.

Political analyst Amer Al-Sabaileh does not believe that Israel poses a serious threat to Jordan.

He said that the notion of a security or existential threat to Jordan is exaggerated, because, despite the Kingdom’s geographical proximity to Israel, the existence of a peace treaty and security cooperation between the two countries means that there are always ways to defuse tensions. 

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