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August 9 2022 1:25 PM ˚
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Financial crisis delays awaited e-bus project in Irbid, Zarqa

(Photo: Unsplash)
(Photo: Unsplash)
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AMMAN — Citizens in Irbid and Zarqa city are demanding that the government and official authorities give more support and attention to the Urban Transport Project, which will be executed in the cities of Zarqa and Irbid.اضافة اعلان

The project aims to solve the traffic jam crisis in both cities in cooperation with the Ministry of Transportation, Irbid Municipality, and the Land Transport Regulatory Commission, through new electric buses.

However, it faces some challenges due to hard financial circumstances which delayed its launch, according to officials speaking to Jordan News.

"This project is a huge and important project that we should all be proud of,” said Abla Weshah, official spokesperson of the Land Transport Regulatory Commission, in a phone interview.
“This project aims to solve the traffic problem and therefore develop Irbid city in a modern way that brings tourists to the city."

"The pandemic and the lack of financial support are the main struggles that the project faces," Weshah added. “We and our partners are working hard to find effective solutions because we believe in the importance of the project and how effective it would be."

Chairman of the Greater Irbid Municipality Committee, Qabalan Al-Sharif, told Jordan News that "the project is still in its first phase and still needs some time, because it must pass through some important phases to be ready."

"The plan is a promising step for Irbid and Zarqa cities, as it will significantly help in reducing traffic jam and the development of the two cities,” said Sharif.

"What makes this project different is that it is modern and keeps pace with new developments,” he said. "We will be providing 75 buses for Irbid that will work on electricity and through this, we will reduce the consumption of gasoline and diesel."

"I can confirm that the significant hard circumstances resulting from the pandemic contributed to the economic crisis facing the project,” he said. "But we are looking forward for a better tomorrow. We are moving forward and promise to be solving this problem very soon."

Citizens from inside Irbid affirmed to Jordan News that they have been patiently awaiting this project, as they believe that it will make a great difference in the city.

"I was born in Irbid and I love it,” said Hassan Sharairi. “I cannot imagine myself moving to another city. I want Irbid to be developed and to see tourists from all over the world come and visit it."

"I believe that having such an important project will positively affect almost all sectors in the city: people from inside and outside Jordan may visit us to see the project, and therefore they may make a visit to a cafe or a restaurant or take a look at the shops or malls,” he added.

Likewise, Ahmad Hijazi told Jordan News that he put high hopes on this project. "Such a project would be just the beginning of a promising path to the city,” he said.

"Our city needs to be served,” said Hijazi. “We have beautiful places just like all other cities, but what we are missing is the attention from some authorities. I think that this project shall change all these aspects and attract more attention."

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