Whispers Restaurant: Casual, versatile and family friendly

Right: Whispers Restaurant’s Veal Escalope. Left: Whispers Restaurant’s grilled sea bass. (Photos: Mario Junior Appiani/Jordan News)
AMMAN — Famous for its lunches, and a favorite among many Ammanis, Whispers Restaurant, located between the 5th and the 6th circle, can accommodate whichever company or purposes you go for, whether it’s a business lunch, or  an outing with friends or family; their menu has a wide variety that accommodates all palates and ages. اضافة اعلان

The beauty of this place lies in the consistency of food, speed of service, and familiar atmosphere. I must add, one of the very few places in Amman with a no-smoking area.

The décor and style of the restaurant is a throwback to 90s American style diners, with sofa seating around the dining area and mirrored walls all around, which casts a sense of bigger space and a better view of the entire place. The style is entrenched by TV screens hanging in different areas and playing music videos of the 80s and 90s.

Whispers is famous for being the first restaurant in Amman to introduce the salad bar concept. You can choose from a wide variety of seasonal fresh ingredients to create your own personalized healthy starter.

The menu is intriguingly divided into the “Four elements”: Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

The Earth section offers a wide variety of nibbles and delicious appetizers. 

The Air section, which includes the salad bar option, presents a selection of sandwiches, pasta dishes and soups. 

The Fire section, from which you can select through alternatives of fish, meats and platters. 

Finally, in the Water section, you will discover a nice selection of vegetarian dishes, beverages and treats. 

I ordered several dishes to have a better understanding of the options available, and none were disappointing. In fact, they were delicious and properly executed. 

The vegetarian spring rolls were crispy on the outside with perfectly cooked veggies on the inside, presented with two side sauces: sweet & sour or soya sauce.

The Veal Escalope was extremely tender with a perfect ratio of breading; the steamed vegetables on the side and the crispy French fries made a good combination to a simple but very tasty dish.

I wanted to try a seafood dish, so the waiter recommended the grilled sea bass. It was perfectly grilled, topped with some capers, fresh herbs and mushrooms. The dish was perfectly executed, nevertheless, I would have personally preferred different sides, as the dish was accompanied with French fries and steamed vegetables; the same sides that come with the veal escalope. 

The atmosphere of the place is very family friendly, and the baby shark’s aquarium gives you a sort of tranquility and definitely a fun and entertaining attraction for the little ones. 

All staff, from the host, to the managers and the waiters are incredibly friendly, patient and ready to deliver you a proper and enjoyable smooth experience, consistent with their service. I have been a regular customer at Whispers for many years now, visiting the place every now, and one thing I appreciate about it, and believe is a reason for Whispers’ success and reputation, is that the staff have been onboard for many years, and they know all their clients.

If you are in for a last-minute business lunch or if you want to spend a nice time with your family and friends in a casual place (Alcohol is available), Whispers is the place to go.

Another way you can enjoy Whispers is through their great catering service. I have been lucky to try and experience their outdoor catering many times, and I was witness to professionalism, great quality of food, well organized stations and convenient set ups.

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