Snug: A perfectly named restaurant

Menu moves towards ‘more refined and researched ingredients and combinations’

Snug Restaurant’s ‘Zesty Shrimps’ (Photo: Mario Appiani/JNews)
AMMAN — It is clear to me why the owners named it “Snug, your neighborhood restaurant”.

In fact, the ambience, the friendly and attentive staff, their average prices, the great quality of food and beverages (alcohol is available) and the attention to details makes Snug a great choice and a must visit place.اضافة اعلان

Located in the area of Abdoun Circle, the very cozy and casual Snug, with its indoor space with the low sealing and dimmed lights makes you feel particularly welcomed, and the outdoor area is beautifully balanced with a tasteful combination and blend of bricks, wood and plants.

Most of the tables are high seating, impeccably comfortable and wherever you may sit you have a great view of the entire restaurant.

The background music is a great balance of oldies and just the perfect volume for conversations.

The menu showcases a wide variety and mix of classic dishes which accommodate any sort of choice of casual-comfort food and sharing plates.

Chef Aslan Turkumani has more than 20 years of experience among Hotels and restaurants and the menu really shows lots of attentions to details and seasonality.

I ordered few dishes from the new upcoming menu, which Chef Aslan explained, will be more focused on international and seasonal dishes, moving towards more refined and researched ingredients and combinations.

As a starter, I ordered “Zesty Shrimps”, which I must say were a superb choice. In fact, other than having an inviting colorful and fresh presentation, the combination of ingredients was perfectly delicious.

The shrimps are sliced on a bed of ripe avocado, mixed with fresh strawberries and pomegranate, all balanced by a delightful blend of passion fruit and mint vinaigrette, with some zesty fresh lemon peels complimenting the overall dish experience.

The second dish I ordered was “Gnocchi ai Frutti di mare” (seafood gnocchi), which was another great discovery.

The fresh gnocchi are in fact presented on a “Parmigiano chips nest”, with a sauce of fresh chunks of salmon, calamari, and shrimps, all on a bed of risotto with Parmigiano and garlic cream sauce. The whole dish is elevated by sun-dried tomatoes and crisp mint, casting the necessary freshness to the dish.  

Chef Aslan prepared for me as well a selection of bites to have an idea of the most requested dishes in Snug, like “Zucchini Tempura”, “Fried Pickles”, “Thai Shrimps”, “Devil Shrimps”, and the “Nachos”.

All of them had the key elements of proper execution, freshness, and appropriate presentation.

I noticed that they don’t offer any deserts or sweets on their menu, and after checking with the owners, they informed me that there is rarely demand for sweets, but they can provide and arrange for it upon prior request.

I would recommend reserving your table ahead, as Snug is always quite busy, especially on the weekends.

It is also probably a good idea to follow their social media pages, as they always promote special offers, seasonal cocktails or dishes, happy hours, and events throughout the whole year.