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Sushi Crush: A quick, affordable fix

(Photo: Hala Hawatmeh)
AMMAN — For as long as I could remember, the Jordanian sushi scene was limited to high-end restaurants, and places like Yoshi and Vinaigrette reigned supreme.اضافة اعلان

Their hefty prices were regarded as proof of quality, since quality is hardly something you would want to skimp out on when eating raw fish.

But a new generation of sushi restaurants has cropped up, making the once unaffordable Japanese meal affordable to all.

I decided to step out of my comfort zone and try one of them. Just to be safe, I went to the highest rated one — Sushi Crush. 

The interior of Sushi Crush is striking. The first thing that jumps out at you is the seating.

(Photo: Hala Hawatmeh)

The best way to describe it: A solid leather cushion that spans from wall to wall, with tables popping out of it, forcing customers (and waiters) to crawl to get to their seats.

This feature was clearly a pull to most people, with many customers visibly enjoying this unconventional setup. 

For our meal, we ordered ebi furai, cheesy crab tempura, spring rolls, crab salad, and the 32-piece platter.

Overall, the quality of the food itself was on par with what one would expect for affordable sushi spot.

The highlight of the meal was by far the crab salad, which had a good balance of sauces and textures.

The lowlight of the meal was the cheesy crab tempura. The flavors and textures of the crab and the cheese were uncomplimentary and difficult to stomach. 

(Photo: Hala Hawatmeh)

As for the rest of the meal, it was average. My biggest criticism would be that all the recipes were extremely heavy on the mayo, making it hard to get through several bites in a row without getting overwhelmed by the flavor.

The meal totaled approximately JD13 per plate, which seemed like a fair price for the quantity and quality of the food we ordered. 

Sushi Crush is a good option for those looking for a quick and inexpensive sushi restaurant. I would also recommend going if you have young children, who may enjoy the unique interior design. If you have a craving to satisfy, and you aren’t willing to break the bank, Sushi Crush is the place to go. 

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