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Ceviche: A piece of Mexican paradise

(Photo: Tala Kayyali/Jordan News)

Located in central Abdoun, Ceviche is a little restaurant that specializes in Mexican food. When you ascend the narrow staircase to enter the restaurant, you are at once struck with its ambiance. From floor to ceiling the interior is adorned with decorations and murals that borrow from South and Central American cultures, evoking the feeling of taking a mini vacation in Latin America. اضافة اعلان

Much like the décor, the menu also borrows from a host of South and Latin American culinary traditions. While the portion sizes were small, the prices were low enough to match, allowing us to sample as much of the menu as we could stomach without running a sky-high tab.

We started off our meal with several appetizers; shrimp aguachile, crab and tuna tostada, guacamole, and of course, the restaurant’s namesake, a fish and shrimp ceviche. The freshness of the fish and vegetables, the tartness of the sauces, the tang of the jalapenos, and the crunchiness of the chips all mingled together to make the perfect introduction to our meal. The highlight was by far the ceviche itself, being a perfect light summery bite.

Between dishes, the servers made sure that everything was to our liking, remaining extremely attentive throughout the meal. The head chef even took a moment to step out and speak to his patrons. Despite not speaking much English, having come from Mexico, he was extremely eager to ensure that everyone was satisfied with their meals.

Ceviche’s shrimp aguachile. (Photo: Tala Kayyali/Jordan News)

As for the main course, we opted for tacos, a beef fajita quesadilla, and a fascinating “shawarma burrito”.  While I preferred the Fish Taco to the Taco Asado, both were delicious and filling. The fajita quesadilla was also mouthwatering, though slightly heavier than the previous dishes. I would recommend trying the quesadilla as a solo dish rather than attempting to eat it after sampling as many dishes as we did.

Interior photographed in this undated photo. (Photo: Tala Kayyali/Jordan News)

The shawarma burrito was by far the most interesting dish. While my taste buds had a hard time comprehending a familiar dish in an unusual form, I soon realized the fusion between Arab and Hispanic cuisines was a match made in heaven.

Ceviche’s shawarma burrito and beef fajita quesadilla. (Photo: Tala Kayyali/Jordan News)

I highly recommend giving Ceviche a visit. With its atmosphere, delicious food, and impeccable service, Ceviche is bound to become a staple restaurant to those who try it.

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