Sucré Sale: Better suited as a pastry, dessert shop

Sucré Sale: Better suited as a pastry, dessert shop
(Photos: Zeid Odeh, Jordan News)
Recently, I wanted to run away from my daily responsibilities and catch up with a couple of friends over a relaxing dinner at a restaurant with a quiet atmosphere.اضافة اعلان

A few suggested Sucre Sale, which I had come across them a few times on social media. I was intrigued by their desserts and curious about their international food items that are made creatively.

The pastel ambianceThe moment you walk in, you cannot help but notice the interior with its marble, the mini grand piano, hues of white and pink, and of course, the pastry display at the end. Their physical menus have a chamois fabric texture with pastel colors that match the restaurant’s vibe.

In general, the restaurant gave off a feminine edge.

Their menu included breakfast, wraps and pizzas, salads, cold appetizers, hot appetizers, pasta, main courses, and desserts. They also have a beverage menu of different hot and cold drinks, from coffee, tea, milkshakes, smoothies, and more.

Off to a shaky startI ordered their Goat Cheese Pistachio Salad, Kunafa Shrimp, Chicken Balls, Mushroom Risotto, and The Burger.

Now, I am a big fan of the gesture when the server asks you — as you sit down — if you would like to start with some still or sparkling water. When absent and replaced with water slammed on the table, the establishment goes from an upscale chic restaurant to a café.

The forced water, although a small detail, evokes a sense of the servers wanting to guarantee that your bill exceeds a certain amount in any way possible and that I am not a fan of.

The foodWhile the food did not take too much time to be served, it was brought, to my surprise, all at once. The salad, the appetizers, and the main course took up so much space that none was left on the table, making it a very uncomfortable experience.

Since we were sharing, that added to the challenge. Nevertheless, I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt, given that the server was still in training.

Starting with the Goat Pistachio Salad: The portion was enough for three people, which is a great value for money. Flavor-wise, it was very tasty, and its components included avocados, palmetto, artichokes, and pistachios with a honey mustard dressing.

Before I jump into the hot appetizer section of the menu, I could not help but notice that seven of our eight hot appetizer items share a cooking method of deep fat frying, which is not uncommon to see in places like pubs or bars. However, given the nature of the place, I would personally reconsider some of the hot appetizer food items.

Moving into the Kunafa Prawns. They are a great appetizer if done properly. The crispiness from the Kunafeh dough brings a fusion of an Arabic ingredient to a widely used food item such as prawns. Expectations were not met here, given that the dough was extremely thick to the size of the prawns, making it seem like a corn dog wrapped with Kunafa dough.

Technically speaking, the thicker the dough, the more oil it will absorb, meaning it will be pretty heavy and greasy for someone to consume.

The Chicken Balls, on the other hand, were properly filled yet lacked personality. Looking at the shape of the balls, you could tell they were not holding properly. This could be due to a high moisture level in the balls or the cheese ratio. Flavor-wise, the chicken was bland, and the other components were relied on to make this dish flavorful. It was a reminder of the good ol’ college days when that one member of the team did not do any of the work but still got the credit.

Crawling my way across the table to try out the burger, loaded with vegetables and cooked beautifully, made me feel like there was hope on the menu for a few good food items. The burger was how I liked it, filled with ingredients, and the beef quality was great.

I was not sure what sauce was served with the burger, nor did the server. Simply put, the sauce was an acquired taste.

Runny risottoThe mushroom risotto was anything but a risotto with its flavor and consistency, which was completely off.

I asked the server if they could fix or change it and explained why it tasted bad. The server hit me with the question, “But have you ever tried a risotto before?” And needless to say, that was not the issue, as I had had many before.

Their second attempt at a risotto was better in flavor, but it still needed a little reduction to the stock used as it was runny. When eating risotto, you are looking for a creamy consistency, not from a cream product but from the starch of the rice with the liquid, butter, and cheese.

Not all heroes wear capesWhile the food was not where I had hoped it would be, I would not skip dessert.

Mesmerized by the pastry display, I chose the San Sebastian cheesecake and a lemon tart. Both went straight to the heart.

The richness of the cheesecake was addictive, and the flavor and airy texture of the lemon tart with its buttery crust was spot on. It is rare to find places that do this version of cheesecake which is not baked in a water bath but with dry heat, giving it a burnt-like look on top of the cheesecake.

The deserts definitely made up for what the food lacked.

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