Raw & Bowl’d satisfies cravings with their rich menu

(Photos: Raw & Bowl’d’s facebook account)
AMMAN — Customers have been on the hunt for healthy food options that don’t lack in flavor and satisfaction what it makes up for in nutrition, especially in terms of satisfying cravings. This niche has been recognized by the local restaurant industry, causing a massive surge in healthy restaurants opening across Amman, attempting to satisfy this clientele. Raw & Bowl’d is one of these restaurants. اضافة اعلان

Located in northern Abdoun, the restaurant specializes in healthy food, with their mission statement: “We’re passionate about up serving delectable food that pushes boundaries and raises the bar. Because everyone deserves whole, genuine, and revitalizing food.”

Interested in what they have to offer, we made our way there and found it crisply decorated in a way that embraced the trend of minimalism interior design — a design that frequently goes hand in hand with healthy restaurants.
The establishment was small with limited seating, but it has an outdoor option overlooking the street. They also offer a takeaway and delivery option for those on the go. 

(Photos: Raw & Bowl’d’s facebook account)

The menu was surprisingly abundant compared to most health food restaurants in Amman. Generally speaking, other healthy restaurants focus more on salads and juices, with some dessert options to satisfy your sweet tooth.

These options are also available at Raw & Bowl’d, along with smoothie bowls, toasties (a piece of toast with a customizable selection of spreads and toppings), warm bowls, and the options to fully customize your own meal. 
The variety distinguished this restaurant from other healthy options, which is why we decided to sample a piece of everything on the menu.  
We ordered two toasties, three beverages, and three bowls, with one of the bowls being a dessert bowl, one being a hot bowl, and one being a chopped salad. 

(Photos: Raw & Bowl’d’s facebook account)

Our order consisted of an acai bowl (quirkily named “A-Sa-Yee,” a play on the fact that people often struggle with pronouncing acai), a “Mango Beef & Co” bowl, and their “Hot Chick” bowl. 

For the toasties, we went with one with guac and one with muhammara, and for our beverages, we ordered a “Tropical Dose,” a “Keepin’ it Basic,” and an “OG Acai.” 

The beverages were the first to arrive. Smoothies and juices tend to be incredibly subjective, and what may be delicious to one may be entirely unappealing to the other. This is why the extensive menu works well in Raw & Bowl’d’s favor; you are guaranteed to find something to suit your taste. 

My order of “Keepin’ it Basic” was exactly to my personal liking; tart and refreshing, but I know it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. 

The toasties were less satisfactory. Usually, I’m a fan of both muhammara and guacamole and figured that these two flavors would be reasonably safe bets to assess the overall quality of the dishes. 

However, the guac was unexceptional and left me feeling that I could probably achieve the same flavor had I made this dish at home.
The muhammara was slightly more fulfilling but failed to leave me with any strong impressions. The quality of the bread was also strange, as it wasn’t nearly as toasted and crunchy as you would expect something called a toastie to be. 

(Photos: Raw & Bowl’d’s facebook account)

Overall, while the flavors were nowhere near bad, I think Raw & Bowl’d does have better dishes to offer, and my recommendations would be to try their other options first. 

This leads us to what I do strongly recommend, their hot bowls. 

The “Hot Chick” scratched every craving itch I had without me even knowing it. The website describes this dish as “grilled chicken breast served on house special red rice, colored bell peppers, chimichurri salsa topped with super seed mix, served with gazpacho,” which hardly describes how enjoyable of a meal this was. 

Regardless of their unique tastes and preferences, everyone on the table unanimously voted this dish as their favorite, making it the biggest crowd-pleaser. 

The “Mango, Beef & Co.” was also a delightful meal. Their website describes this dish as “beef steak, brown rice, broccoli, roasted & marinated carrots, mango, cucumber, radish, spring onion, red cabbage, coriander.” While I do not feel as passionately about this dish as I did the previous one, It was still incredibly satisfying, refreshing, and filling.

(Photos: Raw & Bowl’d’s facebook account)

I would recommend this dish to anyone on the go who wants something to make them feel satisfied but not heavy and bloated, as this is the perfect combination of light yet satiating. 

Overall, I commend Raw & Bowl’d for the aspects of their institution that they do well. Their wide menu selection, unique beverages, and hot bowls that truly set them apart from most other restaurants of the same variety. 

While some aspects of this restaurant do still need some work, and I would like to see more effort put into making their toasties more unique, I look forward to dining here again and watching how they change and evolve with the growing need of their clientele. 

Raw & Bowl’d is definitely a place to keep your eyes on.

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