Mix & Match RoboKtchn: One stop for different cuisines

Cloud Kitchen refers to delivery-only meal services, Mix & Match RoboKtchn is amongst the most popular of these kitchens in Jordan. (Photo: Hala Hawatmeh)
AMMAN — With COVID-19 cases rising locally, people are rescinding back into the lifestyles they adopted early in the pandemic and doing their best to avoid leaving their homes unless necessary. اضافة اعلان

The urge to stay home does not negate the urge to dine out, which is why ghost kitchens, also known as cloud kitchens, have gained popularity. First coined in 2015, the term cloud kitchen refers to delivery-only meal services. This means that there is no physical location available for customers to dine in and that the restaurant relies on delivery alone.

This evolution in dining provided the perfect middle ground for customers who want to experience eating restaurant-grade food while drastically decreasing the chances of exposing themselves or their social circles to COVID-19.

Aside from the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic, the growing popularity of cloud kitchens was practically inevitable. Not serving customers directly allows the businesses to cut down on costs massively, and instead of worrying about venue and service, the focus is centered on the food itself.

Mix & Match RoboKtchn is amongst the most popular of these kitchens in Jordan. It markets itself as a cloud kitchen, but what separates this particular kitchen from the rest is that it offers a wide variety of cuisines supplied by several different vendors. There aren’t many restaurants where you can satisfy a craving for both Italian and Indian food simultaneously.

Cloud Kitchen refers to delivery-only meal services, Mix & Match RoboKtchn is amongst the most popular of these kitchens in Jordan. (Photo: Hala Hawatmeh)

The cuisines they offer consist of Indian food by House of Curry, sandwiches by Wrap it, lasagna by Layers, burgers by Bass Burger or Mother Clucker, pizza and pasta by Parma, mansaf by Mansaf Express, msakhan by Msakhan Express, mashawi by Mashwa, mac and cheese by Mac N Cheese, Thai food by Thai Station, and others.

Needless to say, there’s something for absolutely everyone on this menu.

Pizza Al Funghi from Parma. (Photo: Hala Hawatmeh)

We decided to sample a variety of different portions of their menu. So, we ordered the Roast Beef Wrap from Wrap it, The Original Clucker from Mother Clucker, the Pizza Al Funghi from Parma, and the Tom Yum Soup from Thai Station.

The delivery time was relatively quick as the food was at our doorstep in under 45 minutes. Each meal was packaged separately according to cuisine, so there was no confusion regarding whose meals were whose.

Mother Clucker. (Photo: Hala Hawatmeh)

My personal favorite dish was the Original Clucker from Mother Clucker. I found the chicken to be juicy yet crunchy, and the addition of the kewpie mayo as a sauce was perfect. It was less overwhelming than classic mayonnaise and complimented the texture of the chicken perfectly.
This is the dish that I would most likely reorder again. The only criticism I would have for this dish is that the side order of fries was not necessarily a crowd-pleaser, so I would probably order this burger solo than as a meal next time.

Roast Beef Wrap. (Photo: Hala Hawatmeh)

My second favorite dish would be the Roast Beef Wrap from Wrap it. The beef was the right level of tender, and it was nicely satiating. My favorite part of this Wrap would have to be the use of brie cheese, which made it stand out from most other roast beef sandwiches and wraps I had tried in the past.

The Tom Yum Soup. (Photo: Hala Hawatmeh)

The Tom Yum Soup from Thai Station was fairly good. It was satiating while not being overwhelmingly spicy, but it is unlikely that I would choose soup for delivery in the future, as it was a bit inconvenient. The Funghi Pizza was my least favorite of the meals that we ordered.

Overall, I would say that RoboKtchn is a brilliant solution to the ongoing issue of trying to find a convenient one-stop shop to cater to multiple different tastes. Instead of just picking one cuisine or having to order from various places, you can order several different dishes from different restaurants, eliminating the need to compromise. I see myself utilizing their services much more in the future,

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